Here’s all the delayed Marvel movies with updated release dates

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Disney has made the decision to delay major upcoming Marvel projects.

Marvel fans are in abundance and that’s no news. However, said fans have to keep waiting since most Marvel projects such as ‘Blade’, ‘Deadpool 3’ and ‘Marvel Avengers: Secret Wars’ are delayed.

According to Variety, ‘Blade’ was rescheduled from November 3, 2023, to September 6, 2024, which had an impact on the MCU as a whole. The new date for ‘Deadpool 3’ is November 8, 2024, instead of September 6, 2024. Hugh Jackman was persuaded to come out of retirement to play Wolverine in the movie, which stars Ryan Reynolds. The project will be led by Shawn Levy.

‘Fantastic Four’ will now air on February 14, 2025, instead of November 8, 2024. Although Matt Shakman, the director of WandaVision, is attached to helm the movie, one of Marvel’s most eagerly awaited, the four leads have not yet been cast.

The release date of an untitled Marvel movie was moved from February 14, 2025, to November 7, 2025.

The release date of “Avengers: Secret Wars” has been shifted from November 7, 2025, to May 1, 2026, while Disney has scrapped plans for another untitled Marvel movie that was originally scheduled for May 1, 2026.

In other non-comic book news, ‘Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes’ is scheduled for May 24, 2024; ‘A Haunting in Venice’ is scheduled for September 15, 2023; and ‘Chevalier,’ a historical drama from Searchlight starring Kelvin Harrison Jr. as the composer Chevalier de Saint-Georges, will debut in theaters on April 7, 2023.

At San Diego Comic-Con in July, Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige said that ‘Fantastic Four’ would launch Phase Six, making ‘Blade’ and ‘Deadpool 3’ the last two movies of Phase Five. Because of the postponement of ‘Avengers: Secret Wars,’ fans will no longer receive two ‘Avengers’ movies in one year.

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