Reviews for Kantara

Reviews for Kantara

Kantara is a story about folklore, the value of land, and people’s ideals. It was written by Rishab Shetty.

Synopsis: The story of Kantara starts in the 18th century when a king offers the peasants a piece of land in exchange for happiness and tranquility. A few decades later, the king’s descendant shows up at a Bhoota Kola (a customary dance performed in honor of the local deities) and demands that the tribal people give back their territory. He does, however, pass away tragically.

The forest officer Murali (Kishore) wants to stop the superstitious practices and protect the forest from the people 20 years later. A hysterical henchman named Shiva (Rishab Shetty) speaks up for the entire town. Leela (Sapthami Gowda) is hired as a forest guard in the meantime, but she struggles to balance her professional and personal goals. Will she stance herself? Is Murali the true bad guy? When landlord Devendra Suttur (Achyuth Kumar) offers assistance to the peasants, what is he hoping to achieve?

According to India Today, the film is one of those rare ones that makes you eager and excited about what is going to happen next. A two-and-a-half-hour film brings to life the traditional Daivaradhane and Bhoota Kola heritage (old dance forms).

Rishab Shetty is the brain behind the movie since he has written, directed as well as played the lead role in the film. With Kantara, Rishab gives us the audience an opportunity to notice his talents. Kantara begins on a great note and the high point of this film are the characters. The movie will keep you hooked and make you want more. The climax and pre climax act will give you “goosebumps”. India Today gives Kantara 3.5 stars out of 5.

Following its success with the general public, the movie is now being praised by famous people in a variety of professions. Many luminaries, including Prithviraj Sukumaran and Prabhas, have expressed their admiration for the movie on social media by sharing their viewing experiences.

Advance booking for Kantara (Hindi) is now available. Kantara (Hindi) will be releasing this Friday on 14th October.

Watch the trailer here.

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