Reviews for Doctor G

Reviews for Doctor G

Doctor G starring Ayushmann Khurana, RakulPreet, and Shefali Shah released today. Here are the reviews.

According to Telegraph India, the film lacks a certain purpose. In the first half, the film shows a guy who wants to become an orthopedist because he simply idolizes his cousin who is an orthopedist himself but unfortunately falls in the gynaecology department. After the interval, you will be asking yourself what else? does this movie have a social message? Does it have a purpose whatsoever? or is it just a typical Indian male trying to be ‘woke’?

The film has its moments, the actors have aced their roles especially when it comes to Ayushmann ‘losing the male touch’ and embracing the Doctor’s touch under the guidance of HOD Shefali Shah who as we all know is a powerhouse of good performances. Last but not the least, Sheeba Chadha as always is a delight to watch and honestly its good for a fun time with friends and family. Just don’t expect too much out of it and treat it like a weekend comedy binge with a hint of social message and a dash of feminism maybe?

As per News 18 India, Doctor G is a same stereotypical film with a female centric theme. Ayushmann Khurana has created a genre for himself and is only doing films which fit said genre when in reality he should explore different scripts. The banter between Ayushmann’s best friend and him, Sheebha Chadha who plays his mom and her relationship with Ayushmann are what makes this film good. The romance angle between Ayushmann and Rakulpreet is lackluster and doesn’t lift the movie the way its supposed to be.

All the actors have done pretty good but Ayushmann as usual takes the cake but not alone this time as Shefali Shah and Sheeba Chadha were exceptional themselves. Treat this movie like a fun palette cleanser because of its funny and light hearted moments since we have been getting only drama or thrillers on the big screen for quite some time now.

Here’s what the audience think about Doctor G;

So go ahead and watch this fun film with your loved ones and have a good time!

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