Reviews of Samantha’s one woman show: Yashoda

Yashoda reviews
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Yashoda, starring Samantha Ruth Prabhu in the titular role released today.

Synopsis:Β Yashoda, a poor girl agrees to become a surrogate for the money and is taken to a high tech facility wherein other surrogates are also present. All’s fine until one day an incident plants doubt in Yashoda’s mind and she begins uncovering the dark secrets of the surrogacy mafia.

123Telugu gives Yashoda 3.5 stars out of 5.

As per their review, a plot based on surrogacy mafia is a new feat for Tamil cinema. This gives the movie a new playing field. Varalakshmi Sarath is getting better with every film she does and she proves that in this movie. She’s the head of this surrogacy centre shown in the movie who has a dark and painful past which is revealed later in the movie. Unni Mukundan has played the role of Ramesh Rao quite nicely.

The first half builds up to the second half with full of intrigue and drama. The second half is full of twists and turns which is very entertaining for the audience. The action and suspense go hand in hand in this movie.

Samantha Ruth Prabhu. Is there anything that woman can’t do? Samantha has brought the role to life with her heart and soul. She makes you believe in Yashoda and her quest for the truth. Samantha has done all the action scenes with superb finesse but at the same time, has aced the emotional parts too.

The only negatives are the movie feels like it’s dragged at some points so some editing is required. Also, the backstory of the villain isn’t given as much importance and there are some logical flaws. But if you can see past these, it’s a pretty decent watch for this weekend.

Here are some audience reviews;

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