BREAKING : Alcoholic beverages banned at Qatar WC 2022

BREAKING : Alcoholic beverages banned at Qatar WC 2022

FIFA WC 2022 continues to make headlines

Qatar officials have decided that no alcohol will be sold during the FIFA World Cup. This will now complicate FIFA’s $75m sponsorship agreement with Budweiser, report

Qatari royals have changed their stance on the alcohol issue at the last minute and this decision could jeopardize FIFA’s multi-million dollar deal with Budweiser. This dramatic change to an evolving alcohol issue has for months increased tensions between FIFA, soccer’s global governing body, and Qatar, a conservative Muslim nation where the sale of alcohol is tightly monitored.

Budweiser is one of Fifa’s biggest sponsors but was told on Saturday to relocate stalls selling its product at stadiums to less prominent places

Budweiser owner AB InBev issues statement

In response to the request to move its outlets, a statement by Budweiser owner AB InBev read: “AB InBev was informed on November 12 and is working with Fifa to relocate the concession outlets to locations as directed.”

“We are working with Fifa to bring the best possible experience to the fans. Our focus is on delivering the best possible consumer experience under the new circumstances.”

The Times reports that Qatar 2022 now wants to go even further and that discussions are ongoing between FIFA and Budweiser and that the removal of Budweiser from stadiums is now ‘likely’.

Inside the fan zones, beer will be available but only after 6.30 pm and anyone seen to be drunk will be sent to special ‘zones’ to sober up.

Fans will only be allowed to buy four pints at a time at most, at £12 each.

Qatar World Cup dress code policy

The Qatar Tourism Authority states: “Visitors (men as well as women) are expected to show respect for the local culture by avoiding excessively revealing clothing in public.

“It is generally recommended for men and women to ensure their shoulders and knees are covered.”

British tourists should follow advice from the Tourism Authority and avoid revealing clothing in Qatar.

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