“Real Bollywood is found in its dark alleys.” Vivek Agnihotri shares Bollywood’s ‘inside story’

Vivek Agnihotri shares Bollywood's ‘inside story'

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Filmmaker Vivek Agnihotri has penned an inside story about how aspiring actors struggle in Bollywood, some quit, and those who don’t fall prey to drugs, etc

He wrote “What you see is not Bollywood. Real Bollywood is found in its dark alleys.” he said

Vivek Agnihotri shared an inside story on Twitter. He wrote:” The note read, “I have now spent enough years in Bollywood to understand how it works.”

What you see is not Bollywood. Real Bollywood is found in its dark alleys. Its underbelly is so dark that it’s impossible for a common man to fathom.

Let’s understand it: In these dark alleys, you can find shattered dreams, trampled dreams, buried dreams. If Bollywood is a meuseum of talent, then it’s also a cemetery of talent.”

“It’s not about rejection. Anyone who comes here, knows that rejection is part of the deal.

It’s the humiliation and exploitation which shatters tender dreams, hopes and belief in any kind of humanity.

One can survive without food but to live without respect, self-worth and hope is impossible. No middle-class youngster grows up ever imagining to be in that situation”, he added.( H/T Republic World )

“It hits so hard that instead of putting up a fight, one gives up. Lucky are those who go back home.” Viviek Agnihotri said

“Who stay on, break apart. Those who find some success but not the real one, get into drugs, alcohol and all kind of life-damaging stuff.”

“Now they need money. So, they get introduced to all kinds of funny money. Some success is the most dangerous one.” Agnihotri wrote

“You are in showbiz without any income & power. You have to look like a star, party like a star, PR like a star but you aren’t a star.” he wrote

“Imagine yourself in a gangsta ghetto where you have to behave like a gangster without a gun or knife.” he added

“This is where you are open to humiliation & exploitation. Instagram is not free. It demands money to shoot, look good, sound busy,” the note said.

“You show off, nobody sees. You scream, no one hears. You cry, no one cares. All you find is surrounded by people laughing at you.”

You bury your dreams. Quietly. But then you find people dancing on the grave of your dreams. Your failure becomes their celebration.”

You are a dead man walking. Irony is nobody can see you are dead except for you. One day, you literally die. And then the world sees you.” he shared

What do you think of this statement from Vivek Agnihotri?

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