Himesh Reshammiya is here with Badass Ravikumar!!

Himesh Reshammiya just released the teaser of his upcoming movie Badass Ravikumar.

After making his acting debut in Aap Ka Suroor in 2007, Himesh Reshammiya is preparing for yet another movie. After 2020, the artist, who has been in around 10 movies, plans to return to the big screen. The singer-turned-actor was most recently seen playing the protagonist in Happy Hardy and Heer.

He is now working on a spinoff of the 2014 thriller The Xpose named Badass Ravikumar that would revive the series. He will play the lead in the movie, and in addition to teasing that, he also revealed a teaser for the movie in the announcement video.

Himesh Reshammiya shared the Badass Ravikumar announcement teaser earlier today on Instagram. Along with the photo, he added a lengthy statement elaborating on why he chose to include Ravi Kumar from The Xpose and The Xpose in this movie.

Himesh Reshammiya is shown fighting against the enemies in the teaser employing guns, other weapons, and combat sequences in an action-packed avatar. Himesh is Badass Ravikumar, the notorious bad guy among them, according to the teaser. The teaser finishes intriguingly because the movie’s main actress is left out of the introduction. Only her eyes are visible because her face is hidden, and according to the video, there is also a special treat for all Himesh admirers.

But here’s what the audience think;

Suffice to say, internet users are having a riot at this new trailer.

Badass Ravikumar releases in cinemas in 2023.

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