Casemiro is excited to join the biggest club in England Manchester United

Casemiro is excited to join the biggest club in England Manchester United

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Manchester United has signed Casemiro from Real Madrid, he was unveiled this week at OId Trafford before the win over Liverpool.

Following two disappointing defeats to Brighton and Brentford in the opening two weeks, Manchester United made a huge comeback in their third Premier League game.

The Red Devils defeated the Reds 2-1 with goals from Jadon Sancho and Marcus Rashford.

Brazilian midfielder Casemiro bid an emotional farewell to Real Madrid following a nine-year stay at the club

“When I got here, my wife and I knew nobody. We were alone and we built our life story here in this city together,” Casemiro said as tears rolled down his cheeks.

“I arrived at the reserve team and I had to fight my way to the first team. I learned the values of this club while working at their academy, to be the purest part of football,” he added

“I have won a lot here but I’ve always felt that the greatest honor was to come here to work every day,” added the 30-year-old, who won three LaLiga, one Copa del Rey, and five Champions League titles with Real Madrid

Real Madrid president Florentino Perez praised Casemiro for all he had done at the club.

“You have been exemplary every single day in all of these years here. You have earned the right to decide your future and we must respect it.” Perez said

“You… leave the image of the champion that you are,” Perez said. “You are going to a friendly club, the legendary Manchester United, but wherever you are you will always be an ambassador of Real Madrid,” Perez added

“You will always be one of us. When you return one day, we will remember these moments. Thank you, Case, this is and always will be your home.”

Casemiro also talked about his decision to join Manchester United.

“I want to face new challenges, know a different league, a different country, different culture. Over there I didn’t win anything, so I have everything still in front of me. It was the hardest decision of my life but I’m excited about what’s ahead of me,” Casemiro said

Casemiro also explained that his journey at Real Madrid was over and he wanted to join the ‘biggest club in England’ for a new experience.

“I’m going to United, one of the biggest teams in the world that competes with the greatness of Madrid. I felt my journey here was over. Now I join the biggest club in England but I’ll always be a Real Madrid fan and I’ll celebrate every goal,” Casemiro said.

Casemiro also talked to reporters outside where he  told he was eager to play with Ronaldo once again and urged Ronaldo to stay at United amid transfer rumors

“I haven’t talked to Cristiano, I hope he stays because he’s one of the best players in all the time. He’s incredible,” he said

“I want to bring my values ​​to Manchester United, everything that Real Madrid taught me, to win from day to day, from every training session. I want to experience the Premier from within. I enjoy everything I have,” Casemiro said.

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