Salaam Venky trailer out now: Keep a lookout for Aamir Khan

Salaam Venky trailer out now
Photo: Kajol/Twitter

Kajol plays a mother caring for her disabled son who is near death.

On Monday afternoon, the Salaam Venky trailer, starring Kajol, was released publicly. Vishal Jethwa, Rahul Bose, Rajeev Khandelwal, Ahana Kumra, and Prakash Raj are also featured in the movie. But it was Aamir Khan’s appearance near the end of the trailer that really had the crowd going.

Sujata, portrayed by Kajol, and Venky, portrayed by Vishal Jethwa, engage in playful conversation towards the beginning of the trailer. Sujata is taking care of Venky, who is wheelchair-bound and terminally ill. However, as Sujata makes the beautiful allusion to Anand and vows to make his life badi (larger) rather than lambi (longer), he makes a request—his last desire. Sujata won’t give him that, regardless of what it is.

The montage then shows a few touching mother-son interactions, and Sujata grants Venky’s desire. A brief scene after the title card appears shows Sujata, played by Kajol, peering over her shoulder at someone. Aamir Khan may be seen grinning as the camera pans out.

Watch the trailer here.

The film’s official synopsis reads, “Witness the story of Sujata and her son Venky, as they navigate through the most challenging situations one can ever face with a smile and teach us the true meaning of living BiG. Based on a true story of a life well lived.”

Blive Productions and RTake Studios collaborated on Salaam Venky, which is also directed by Revathy. The Last Hurrah was the old name of the movie. On December 9, 2022, it is scheduled for theater release.

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