Please take a break – Fans tell Akshay Kumar after he announces biopic

Things are not going well for Akshay Kumar.

Yesterday, Akshay released theĀ  first look of his new biopic based on the life of Jaswant Singh Gill.

The biopic is titled ‘Capsule’ and based on the true story of mining engineer Jaswant Gill.

The Khiladi actor can be seen in the role of a Punjabi character as he stands in a mustard field, a grim look on his face.

Akshay is seen wearing a striped light blue shirt along with a maroon-red turban on his head.

The actor has also sported a full-grown beard for his role, alongside a pair of glasses.

However, the internet has not warmed up to his latest avatar.

Some of the comments are quite acerbic and criticized the actor slamming for making films back to back.

A few comments also asked him to give them a break.

Some users are already claiming it is another flop, after Samrat Prithviraj.

One user turned extremely nasty and wrote, ” Another said, Itni jaldi to maggie bhi nahi banti jitni jaldi in saab ki movie aa jaati hai (Even preparing Maggie takes longer than Akshay Kumar’s films releasing in theatres).

“Just bored to see you 4 times in a year. Just give us a break to get relax after seeing your silly performance in Prithviraj.”

Another user wrote – “Hadh hai matlab bas audience ke kaan gaan sabse khoon nikaal hi dena hai ab toh nakli sab lagaa lagaake 40 din mei shoot kr karke!”

Sample this!

“One more flop is going to hit the floor from Akshay Kumar box. Now, he is focusing on earning only not movie nor acting. Best of luck”

All these don’t bode well for Akshay who is clearly under a lot of pressure.

His last release Samrat Prithviraj failed to make a mark.

The film received a lot of flak from the viewers as they claim that there were lots of factual errors and too much VFX.

Said a user, “If a movie is good it would grab your attention within 5 minutes. I watched Samrat Prithviraj on Amazon Prime for 15 minutes and it was a waste of time.”

We hope Akshay’s new release Raksha Bandhan does better or else, it could be a major disaster waiting to unfold.


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