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Phone Bhoot, a highly anticipated horror comedy released today in cinemas.

Synopsis: The tale of two ghostbusters is told in Phone Bhoot. Galileo Parthasarthy, also known as Guru (Ishaan Khatter), and Sherdil Shergill, also known as Major (Siddhant Chaturvedi), are close friends who have had a mad fascination in ghosts and spirits since they were little. They seek to capitalize on their fascination with ghosts. Sadly, none of their business plans succeed. They nonetheless persevere and throw a “Moksha Party.” As several partygoers sign their presence, it turns out to be a success. They are all ghosts, which Major and Guru are unaware of. Ragini is one such ghost (Katrina Kaif). She explains to them that they have the power to see the dead. She therefore suggests that they develop a phone line for people who want to get rid of ghosts as a business venture. Major and Guru first object. But when their dads show up at their home, they demand payment of Rs. 5 crores, the total sum spent so far on their sons. Three months are allotted to them during this time. Major and Guru are left with no choice but to agree, though they are unsure about Ragini’s motivations. Their initiative is initially heavily ridiculed. Their business plan later succeeds once they begin solving cases. Additionally, it puts them in Atmaram’s (Jackie Shroff) bad books, who captures ghosts who are attempting to achieve “moksha” (salvation).

Bollywood Hungama gives Phone Bhoot 3 out of 5 stars.

According to Bollywood Hungama, the first half of the film is funny and manages to entertain the audience with all the pop culture references. The second half feels dull as compared to the first half as there aren’t as many laughs. The climax doesn’t have a proper buildup to it neither is it funny enough.

Katrina Kaif has returned to the screen and how. She seems at ease throughout the movie and delivers her one liners with finesse. Ishaan Khatter is the cute and funny accompaniment along with Siddhant Chaturvedi who has so much depth and it shows. Jackie Shroff has done the job of playing a villain well. Sheebha Chadha is a delight to watch and so is Nidhi Bisht.

All in all, if you love horror comedies, this film is for you.

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