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Double xl reviews

Double XL starring Sonakshi Sinha and Huma Qureshi released today.

Synopsis: In a society where their abilities are limited due to their size, Saira (Sonakshi) and Rajshri (Huma) battle for their aspirations.

As per the Quint, Double XL hits the right notes at some points and tries to start a conversation surrounding female body shaming and body shaming in general. It also breaks away from how typically fat characters are treated in a Bollywood movie. Rather than being the chubby best friend, the protagonists even though fat are the protagonists of the film.

There are points that are very much likeable in the film. For example, when Rajshri (Huma Qureshi) is forced to meet a man for an arranged marriage she is delighted to hear that the guy does not want to get married. Although when enquired why the guy says because she is “healthy”, Huma Qureshi then proceeds to put him in his place by exposing the word “healthy” for what it is: a sugar-coated fatphobic insult.

Even Saira’s (Sonakshi Sinha) monologue about the validation complex overweight women have offers a raw and exposed look at the majority of our internal monologues. The Body Positivity Movement is centered on both women’s use of the word “fat” as a descriptive rather than a disparaging term throughout the movie.

The film but falls flat because of its romance angle. The film should have remained on the path it was on rather than trying to make it another Bollywood romance.

The movie could have opened new doors for body positivity and plus sized people especially women. But it does not unfortunately.

Here are the audiences’ thoughts;

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