Is Salman Khan’s life under threat?

Image: Instagram Salman Khan

It’s a development that has sent shock waves through Bollywood.

Reports say that mega-star Salman Khan and his father, screenwriter Salim Khan received a threat letter on Sunday.

According to the police, Salim Khan found the letter on a bench where he sits daily after jogging in the morning.

The letter mentioned his and Salman’s name.

The police has taken the matter seriously and investigation is underway.

Apparently, the Bandra Police has also filed an FIR against a person whose identity is not known.

Is this linked to the Sidhu Moose Wala murder?

One of the prime accused in Sidhu Moose Wala’s murder is Lawrence Bishnoi.

Bishnoi, who hails from Rajasthan belongs to a community who consider the blackbuck a sacred animal.

As a result, Bishnoi had once sworn revenge against the actor over his blackbuck poaching case.

Lawrence Bishnoi had stated in 2018, “We will kill Salman Khan in Jodhpur.”

He further said, “Everyone will know once we take action. I have not done anything as of now, they are accusing me of crimes for no reason.”

Bishnoi was criticised by Salman’s fans and gained a lot of notoriety but the matter died down.

However after Sidhu’s murder, Salman Khan’s security was enhanced with immediate effect.

Though there is no conclusive evidence, the police could link the latest threat to Bishnoi.

In fact, Rahul one of Bishnoi’s close associates, was arrested in 2020 for murder.

During interrogation, he admitted that they had made a plan to assassinate Salman Khan and was in Mumbai to do a ‘recce’ for the same.

We pray that the cycle of violence doesn’t escalate any further.


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