‘Wo bhi koi Tees Maar Khan nahi hai’ : Shoaib Akhtar says about Team India

After Pakistan’s defeat against Zimbabwe, former players Shoaib Akhtar, and Aaqib Javed have made harsh statements.

After Pakistan’s defeat against Zimbabwe, Moin Khan, Waqar Younis and Misbah-ul-Haq have fiercely expressed their opinions too. Shoaib Akhtar accused the entire system, from Rameez Raja, the PCB chairman, to captain Babar Azam. Aaqib Javed claimed he was astounded by some of the batsmen’s methods and Moin Khan claimed that because they lacked fundamental technique, it appears they were never ready for Australia’s bouncing circuits. India would exit the World Cup in the semifinals, according to Akhtar.

Waqar believed that the Pakistani openers were batting out of concern that the squad would crumble if they were dismissed, while Misbah questioned whether the bowling had a game plan.

Shoaib Akhtar on his YouTube Channel:

“I have been saying this repeatedly, these openers, the middle order aren’t good enough for us to get success at this level. What can I say?”

“Pakistan has a bad captain. Pakistan is out of the world cup in the second game. Against Zimbabwe.”

“What kind of cricket you went to play? For god’s sake, you have lost to Zimbabwe. Don’t you understand your cricket is deteriorating. The management to PCB chairman don’t have brains … we had to play 4 bowlers, we have been playing 3 fast bowlers. Proper middle order is needed, you are selecting something else.”

“It’s really really embarrassing. Ultimately, it’s not for your but we have to face the media. We have to sit in India. We have to give answers to the world. What answers can we give now?”

“The game against India was almost won; you gave them on the plate”: Shoaib Akthar

“You can’t give Nawaz the last over. It’s not his job to bowl the final .. it’s really disappointing. I had already told Pakistan will come back this week. And India will come back next week after playing semi-final. Voh be koi tees-maarkhan nahi hai, wo bhi agle hafte haar ke world cup se wapas aa jayegi (India are also not some unbeatable side, they too will face defeat and will be back next week) and we … I am so angry I don’t want to say some bad things..”

“Select more “naalayak log (useless people). Don’t let in good people. This is what will happen. Bus roti khaa rahen, no planning.. this is what happens once you don’t bring brilliant minds into play. It’s sad and disappointing.”

Aaqib Javed on Geo Super

“We can’t go lower than this.”

Moin Khan on Geo Super

“It seems we were not ready as professionals. We have been saying for along time that middle order wasn’t good; we needed proper batsmen.”

Waqar Younis on A Sports

“People are angry and it’s just. The cricket today was heart-breaking. I don’t know whether they were over confident or undercooked, it was disappointing. We didn’t fight. We were very poor. We played terrible cricket.”

Misbah-ul-Haq on A Sports

“Lack of confidence. Even now, anything can happen in this world cup. It’s still open. We have to wake up. We have to get out of this shell.”

Looks like Pakistan is taking this defeat rather poorly. Losing against Zimbabwe has reduced Pakistan’s chances to reach the semi-finals to almost none.

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