Deepika to launch her own beauty brand

Image credits: Instagram Deepika Padukone

Deepika Padukone is getting all experimental!

Not just in her roles, Deepika is pushing the envelope in terms of other aspects of her life too!

In a recent interview, the Bollywood star revealed that that she is all set to launch a beauty skincare brand.

Apparently, the products include a cleanser, toner, moisturiser, eye cream and SPF.

The USP will be the unique mix of foreign and Indian ingredients that will go into formulating the brand.

Said Deepika, “I wanted the products to reflect my journey and my experience. I’ve led this life of being extremely rooted, but at the same time I’ve also had a lot of exposure to the rest of the world.”

She explained further, “I think the line and the collection is an extension of that. That’s what the modern Indian woman is today. She can embrace the best of both worlds.”

That’s not all.

Deepika has lot of business plans for the future.

Not just skincare, the actor also hopes to venture into making candles, athleisure, and home decor in the near future.

We wish the beautiful actor all the best!


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