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WATCH: Rafael Nadal hits phenomenal angled passing shot in ATP tour 2024



In the ongoing Quarterfinal game between Rafael Nadal and Jordan Thompson, the former was seen hitting a phenomenal angled passing shot. With that shot, the veteran won the first set of the game by 7-5

Watch the video here

Meanwhile, after taking the lead, Nadal failed to sustain it. Thompson went on to win the second set by 6-7, followed by a 6-3 win to advance to the semifinal of the tournament. He will play the semifinal game against Grigor Dimitrov.

ATP Tour winners list

ear Winner Finalist Result
2023 Djokovic Sinner 63 63
2022 Djokovic Ruud 75 63
2021 Zverev Medvedev 64 64
2020 Medvedev Thiem 46 76(2) 64
2019 Tsitsipas Thiem 67(6) 62 76(4)
2018 Zverev Djokovic 64 63
2017 Dimitrov Goffin 75 46 63
2016 Murray Djokovic 63 64
2015 Djokovic Federer 64 63
2014 Djokovic Federer W/O (back)
2013 Djokovic Nadal 63 64
2012 Djokovic Federer 76(6) 75
2011 Federer Tsonga 63 67(6) 63
2010 Federer Nadal 63 36 61
2009 Davydenko Del Potro 63 64
2008 Djokovic Davydenko 61 75
2007 Federer Ferrer 62 63 62
2006 Federer Blake 60 63 64
2005 Nalbandian Federer 67(4) 67(11) 62 61 76(3)
2004 Federer Hewitt 63 62
2003 Federer Agassi 63 60 64
2002 Hewitt Ferrero 75 75 26 26 64
2001 Hewitt Grosjean 63 63 64
2000 Kuerten Agassi 64 64 64
1999 Sampras Agassi 61 75 64
1998 Corretja Moya 36 36 75 63 75
1997 Sampras Kafelnikov 63 62 62
1996 Sampras Becker 36 76(5) 76(4) 67(11) 64
1995 Becker Chang 76(3) 60 76(5)
1994 Sampras Becker 46 63 75 64
1993 Stich Sampras 76(3) 26 76(7) 62
1992 Becker Courier 64 63 75
1991 Sampras Courier 26 76(5) 63 64
1990 Agassi Edberg 57 76(5) 75 62
1989 Edberg Becker 46 76(6) 63 61
1988 Becker Lendl 57 76(5) 36 62 76(5)
1987 Lendl Wilander 62 62 63
1986 Lendl Becker 64 64 64
1985 Ivan Lendl Boris Becker 62 76(4) 63
1984 McEnroe Lendl 75 60 64
1983 McEnroe Lendl 63 64 64
1982 Lendl McEnroe 64 64 62
1981 Lendl Gerulaitis 67(5) 26 76(6) 62 64
1980 Borg Lendl 64 62 62
1979 Borg Gerulaitis 62 62
1978 McEnroe Ashe 67(5) 63 75
1977 Connors Borg 64 16 64
1976 Orantes Fibak 57 62 06 76(1) 61
1975 Nastase Borg 62 62 61
1974 Vilas Nastase 76(6) 62 36 36 64
1973 Nastase Okker 63 75 46 63
1972 Nastase Smith 63 62 36 26 63
1971 Nastase Round-Robin
1970 Smith Round-Robin
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WATCH: Andy Rublev gets ‘defaulted’ for his argument with line referee against Alexander Bublik in ATP 500 Tour




Andy Rublev was ‘defaulted’ by the officials for his unsportsmanlike conduct in the semifinal of the ATP 500 tour in Dubai. In the semifinal of the tournament against his childhood friend Alexander Bublik, Rublev was seen frustrated at the lime umpires. In fact, Bublik himself was frustrated at times at the referees. Given the intense nature of the match, both yelled at the officials.

The Russian then had an argument with the line referee after yelling. It led to him getting defaulted. One of the officials who knew Russian claimed Rublev had used foul language against the line referee. However, Rublev denied using any such slang. The Russian official claimed that the Australian Open 2024 winner called him ‘F***ing moron’. The fans are not too happy with the officials.

Watch the video of the incident here –


Andrey Rublev fue DESCALIFICADO en el ATP 500 de Dubai tras gritarle en la cara a un juez de línea.

Perderá todos los puntos de la semana y el prize money

— Set Tenis (@settenisok) March 1, 2024

Rublev was ready to continue playing. However, the officials found Rublev not worthy to continue the match. It denied the fans of a thrilling end to the semifinal game. The scoreline was 6-7(4) 7-6(5) 6-5 when the incident happened. If not for getting defaulted, the fans believed that it could have had a great finish which they hoped for. The incident had a mixed opinion.

Andy Rublev to be penalized

While some believed that getting ‘defaulted’ was the right call from the officials, many believed that the Russians did not deserve to get defaulted, as it was a big punishment for an ‘unproven incident’. Fans were of the opinion that giving a warning to the 26-year-old would have been a better option. Regardless of this, the Australian Open 2024 winner will be penalized for his act.

While Rublev reached the semifinal of the event and confirmed a lot of prize money in the process, he would not get anything from the tournament. For getting defaulted, Rublev will not get the prize money and will lose his world rankings from the event. Daniil Medvedev and Humbert will face each other in the semis. The winner of the match will take on Bublik in the final.

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WATCH: Victoria Azarenka taunts her opponent after straight sets win in Qatar Open




The 2024 Qatar Open saw controversy erupt during the Victoria Azarenka vs Jelena Ostapenko’s match. The veteran tennis player was seen taunting her opponent after an easy win late on Wednesday night.

This latest win for Azarenka over Ostapenko was her fifth against her opponent. As the game ended Victoria Azarenka could be seen tapping her temple area. This was a signal to her opponent about the superiority that she holds.

Watch the video below:

The match ended in just under 90 minutes as the veteran won the match with the score reading 6-0, 6-3. There was more drama once the match ended as Ostapenko decided to offer her racquet for a tap. This was in diversion from the regular handshake to show the right spirit. Veteran player Azarenka decided to ignore the gesture and moved to shake hands with the chair umpire.

Victoria Azarenka’s win marred by controversy

Despite posting a dominant win over Jelena Ostapenko the Tennis world wasn’t happy with Victoria Azarenka. The antics from the veteran player didn’t sit down well with many fans across the world.

Victoria Azarenka now will play two-time Qatar Open winner Iga Swiatek in the quarter-finals. 34-year-old Azarenka had spoken about her motivations during a recent interview she did with the media. “When I was young, all I wanted to do was win the Grand Slam and the number 1 and I’ve achieved that. I wanted to continue and repeat that feeling. After I had Leo, my priorities shifted a bit” said Azarenka.

The tennis star is currently ranked world number 33 and was ranked at the top in 2012. Her two Grand Slam title wins came when she won the Australian Open two times in 2012 and 2013. The last time she came close to the Championship title was when she reached the US Open final in 2020. Naomi Osaka won the title beating Azarenka to claim a famous win.

Further speaking to the media, the 34-year-old said “I had to find a way to balance myself a bit. Where I don’t feel guilty for missing out on some of the time with him and dedicate myself to the craft. I think I found a balance through understanding that I’d love for him to see how hard I work and how much I put into it”

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Shoaib Malik’s third marriage affects Sania Mirza, son gets bullied in school




Sania Mirza

Sania Mirza and Shoaib Malik’s son Izhaan have reportedly faced bullying in his school. Following the third marriage of Malik which took place recently with Sana Javed, a TV actress and a model in Pakistan, which was her 2nd marriage, there has been bullying from the students at the school of Izhaan. The Pakistani media has reported the issue of Sania’s son recently.  

Shoaib, the former cricketer of Pakistan, took to his social media handle and announced his third marriage with Sana. Sania has been facing bullying on social media since then. It has been spread to their children for none of his mistakes. When one of the media personnel met Izhaan after the third marriage of Malik, it was reported that he was mentally disturbed. The situation looks to be worse with the latest incident. 

To add salt to the wounds of the child, the latest bullying has disturbed his peace of mind. Sania is reportedly concerned over the issue. Sources close to the Indian Tennis player claim that Izhaan is not going to school following the treatment received from his peers in the school. Netizens have condemned the act of those involved in bullying Izhaan for none of his mistakes. 

Call for awareness among children regarding sensitive topics

Sania has not reacted to the incident yet on public platforms. However, it is a growing concern to see the children of the popular personalities getting treatment for none of their mistakes. Sania will soon join the squad of RCB for the Women’s Premier League in India. She will continue to fulfil her role as a mentor of the side. Things will be challenging for the Indian Tennis player in the upcoming days. 

Following the latest reports that have claimed the bullying of Izhaan, there has been a call for emphasis on creating awareness among the children regarding discussions on sensitive issues. Malik had married Ayesha Siddiqui in 2002, a teacher in Pakistan, before marrying Sania in 2010. After nearly 14 years of being in a relationship with Mirza, Malik married for the third time in his life. 

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