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WATCH: Bigg Boss OTT winner Elvish Yadav slaps a man at restaurant, defends saying ‘Aisa hi hoon main’



Elvish Yadav

In a startling incident, Elvish Yadav, the winner of Bigg Boss OTT 2, found himself amid controversy. A video of him involved in an altercation at a Jaipur restaurant went viral. The video captured the YouTuber in a heated brawl, culminating in him slapping a man before storming out of the establishment. The incident unfolded in front of shocked onlookers and was quickly circulated on social media platforms, drawing widespread attention.

Following the incident, Elvish Yadav released an audio statement to provide his perspective on the altercation. He asserted that he resorted to physical action because the other party had directed abusive language towards him.

In the audio clip, Elvish expressed his disinterest in confrontations and physical altercations, emphasising that he prefers to keep a low profile and focus on his work. However, he clarified that he doesn’t tolerate personal insults, and his reaction was a response to derogatory remarks directed at him.

He said, “Bhai, dekho, matter ye hai, naa mujhe shauk hai ladai karne ka, naa mere ko haath uthane ka shauk hai. Main apne kaam se kaam rakhta hoon. Main chalta hoon normal. Aur jo photo khichwane ko kehta hai, hum kichwate hai aaram se photo. Par, jo koi piche se comment pass karta hai, usko nahi bakshte (I am not interested in fighting or slapping someone). I click photos with whoever asks, but if you make a personal remark, I don’t spare them either,” Elvish said in a video.

“I don’t have any regrets,” says Elvish Yadav

Elvish defended his actions, stating that the presence of police and commandos during the incident indicated that he had not engaged in any wrongdoing. He maintained that the altercation was a personal matter, and he reacted in a manner true to his character when faced with abusive language. Elvish’s unapologetic stance suggested that he stood by his actions and had no regrets about the way he handled the situation.

“As you can see, there were police and commandos with us. It’s not that we’ve done anything wrong. This was personal. He took a personal dig at me; I went and slapped him. I don’t have any regrets. Aisa hi hoon main (I am like this only). He hurled abuses, and I reacted in my style,” he added.

This incident comes on the heels of Elvish Yadav making headlines for being blocked by actress Kusha Kapila on social media. Kusha Kapila revealed that she blocked Elvish after he was referred to as the “sasti Kareena Kapoor,” adding another layer of drama to the YouTuber’s recent controversies.


Is Vicky Kaushal set to succeed Bobby Deol as antagonist in Ranbir Kapoor starrer ‘Animal Park’?




After the initial success of Animal, Sandeep Reddy Vanga is set to bring a thrilling sequel for fans titled ‘Animal Park’. However, new reports suggest that the filmmaker is considering Vicky Kaushal as the new antagonist of the film.

The sequel to Animal was announced back in December 2023 with Sandeep Vanga and Bhushan Kumar’s partnership. While there are no official confirmations, reports tell that the actor has been approached for the role as per Instant Bollywood. If true, this will also be the first time Vicky is in the role of villain. The first film saw Bobby Deol clash with Ranbir and fans cannot hide their excitement to see Vicky clash with Ranbir as a villain.

Ranbir and Vicky’s previous collaboration in the movies also captivated the audience, especially in Sanju. Apart from the sequel to Animal, both actors are also set to appear in Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s ‘Love & War’. Although this time both are in the shoes of the protagonist.

The sequel is set to feature Ranbir Kapoor in a double role who is out for revenge for his brother Abrar Haque played by Bobby Deol. Fans will finally see Rannvijay and Aziz and are wondering how it will work out.

Will Bobby Deol also make a return?

The first film saw Bobby Deol defeated by Ranbir Kapoor. Despite an epic head-to-head, the film was confusing as is, and more speculations are making everyone crazy.

Is he actually dead? Will he also get a double role? Without any form of confirmation, it is currently very hard to speculate if he will be making a return.

There could be a plot twist planned by Vanga, but fans might have to wait a bit for the whole thing to unfold. The film earned over Rs 900 crore at the box office, which gives the filmmaker no reason to hold back on making another blockbuster.

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WATCH: Bill Gates enjoys famous tea by Dolly Chaiwala ahead of meeting with PM Narendra Modi




Bill Gates with Dolly Chaiwala

Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates is back in India and recently shared a video of him enjoying Nagpur’s famous tea by Dolly Chaiwala. The unexpected collaboration between the billionaire and the social media personality has caught the attention of many. “In India, you can find innovation everywhere you turn, even in the preparation of a simple cup of tea!” Bill Gates said in his post.

The video opens up with Gates asking for a cup of chai (tea) following a focus on Dolly Chaiwala prepping the tea with style. Gates admired the creative and innovative ways people are using in their lives, including making this chai.

Watch the video here:


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People are amazed by the video calling Dolly Chaiwala the ‘Luckiest guy on the earth’, and ‘Wt* does this mean Bill Gates came to Nagpur??’ among many other things.

Bill Gates to meet Prime Minister

He further expresses his excitement for his upcoming appearance on ‘chai pe charcha’, with Prime Minister Narendra Modi. He further plans to discuss ways of supporting people through the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

“The Gates Foundation has been a partner in some of these efforts, and I’m visiting this week to learn about how we can continue working with India to help its ideas and inventions reach everyone who needs them, no matter where they live. This will be a main topic when I meet with Prime Minister Modi this week.”

Gates previously revealed his plans to visit a low-income town in Odisha with the government’s initiative to train women. Gates has been a huge fan of Indian culture for a long time and has visited the country on multiple occasions. He is also an avid player of Bridge and revealed that it is one of his favourite ways of relaxing.

During his trip last year in 2023, he also met Anshul Bhatt, one of the youngest bridge champions. “It was fun meeting Anshul and picking his brain about our favourite pastime. Anshul, if you’re ever looking for a new bridge partner, I’m your guy,” he said in a previous post.

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Sameer Wankhede responds to Shah Rukh Khan allegedly asking for help in Aryan Khan’s arrest




Sameer Wankhede and SRK

IRS officer Sameer Wankhede recently talked about an alleged leaked conversation between him and Shahrukh Khan. This comes after alleged chats of Shahrukh and Wankhede leaked publicly while the office was investigated for money laundering.

According to the chats, Shah Rukh reportedly pleaded with Wankhede to show mercy on his son Aryan. This pertains to the 2021 case where Aryan Khan was arrested for drug-related charges with the case led by Wankhede.

While Aryan was eventually given a clean chit, he spent a month in Jail before getting out on bail. It was during this time, the chats allegedly took place. Shah Rukh asked Wankhede to show mercy towards Aryan.

The messages from the actor allegedly said, “I beg you as a father. Please don’t let him be in that jail. He will break as a human being.”

Wankhede’s response to alleged chats

Speaking to Lallantop in an interview, Wankhede says claims it was ‘the smallest case of his life’. He says has ‘no regrets in life’ and would ‘do it again’ if given another chance.

When asked if this was a warning, he said, “No, I’m a small man. Who am I to warn anybody? The person that you are referring to, I don’t even watch very many movies, I don’t know the names.”

Wankhede was taken down under Sections 7, 7A, and 12 of the Prevention of Corruption Act, and Sections 120 B and 388 of the IPC. As per reports, he was planning to extort Rs 25 crore from Shah Rukh and is currently on trial.

When asked about the alleged chats, he responded that he does not want to talk about ‘this man’. He did say that they usually get these kinds of messages from other parents. He asks them to send addicted kids to rehab centres.

The interviewer asked why this interaction was not reported to his seniors. Wankhede then refused to further delve into the matter, saying he already gave his statement to the High Court.

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