WATCH: Ben Stokes puts journalist in their place with savage reply to ‘Will Bazball work against India?’ question

Ben Stokes
Ben Stokes (Source: Twitter)

Ben Stokes-led England have experimented with a new approach to playing Test Cricket. They have said no to the conventional defensive strategy and rather have been seen scoring quick runs and taking bold calls. The strategy is popularly dubbed as ‘Bazball’, named after current head coach Brendon McCullum. They have found great success implementing this new mode of play with wins against New Zealand, Pakistan, and South Africa and now a draw in the coveted Ashes 2023.

Notably, England will also travel to India for a five-match Test series early on in the New Year. Concerning the same, skipper Ben Stokes was asked if Bazball would work against India. Stokes shut the reporter with his savage ‘only time will tell’ remark. He said, “I remember when we beat New Zealand 3-0, (the chatter) was we couldn’t do it against South Africa, (we) couldn’t do it against Pakistan, (we) couldn’t do it against Australia. So, who knows if we can do it against India, only time will tell.” The clip of the answer has gone viral on social media with fans pouring in with comments.

Here’s the viral video:

‘Test cricket is the purest form and I absolutely love it’ – Ben Stokes

The England skipper further talked about the exciting finish to Ashes 2023 series that saw Australia retain the Ashes Urn for the fourth consecutive time. However, the visitors missed out on winning their first-ever Test series on English soil since 2001.  “I genuinely believe this is what Test cricket needed every player in an England and Australia shirt is a massive advocate for Test cricket to stay alive. We have been very vocal about that being an objective in the way we play and I think this series has really done that. It has captivated so many new fans and attracted a new audience. Test cricket is the purest form and I absolutely love it. I hope this series has got it even bigger,” he opined.

“Two high-quality teams going at it toe-to-toe has been something you couldn’t take your eyes off. Every session has been its own game. I really hope we’ve inspired a new generation. I look back to 2005 and what that series did for me as a young person, and I really hope there’s someone who’s the age I was then who says: ‘That’s what I want to be doing’. I think 2-2 is a fair reflection of the teams literally going toe-to-toe. Australia are world Test champions, they are a quality team,” he concluded.


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