‘Systumm’ continues to shine as Elvish Yadav faces Jiya Shankar and Bebika Dhurve in Ticket to Finale Task

Elvish Yadav
Elvish Yadav (Source: Twitter)

In the Ticket to Finale task of Bigg Boss OTT 2, the contestants were given the challenge of creating a viral video without resorting to fake scenarios, songs, or skits. The teams were led by Elvish Yadav, Fukra Insaan, and Avinash Sachdev, each with their own unique set of personalities. Elvish Yadav, a popular internet personality known for his entertaining videos, led Team C, which also included Jiya Shankar and Bebika Dhurve.

As the task unfolded, Team C surprised everyone by emerging as the dark horse of the competition. Despite facing strong competition from Team A (Aashika Bhatia, Avinash Sachdev, and Jad Hadid) and Team B (Pooja Bhatt, Manisha Rani, and Abhishek Malhan, aka Fukra Insaan), Elvish Yadav’s team managed to capture the attention and support of their fans.

Elvish Yadav’s fan base, which is already quite substantial due to his online presence, rallied behind him during the task, supporting him wholeheartedly. Their efforts paid off, and Elvish, Jiya, and Bebika secured the victory, earning themselves a spot in the competition for the finale week.

Elvish Yadav continues to dominate social media

It’s worth noting that the Elvish army has had his back as Elvish continues to dominate social media. In the recent Boss Metre task, he and Jiya Shankar qualified for the last round. However, Abhishek, aka Fukra Insaan, was not part of this week’s event. Meanwhile, Elvish also won the popularity contest organised by ‘Bigg Boss Tak’ with a huge margin over Abhishek Malhan.

Notably, the ticket to the finale task is currently underway in the Bigg Boss house as Jiya Shankar, Bebika Dhurve, and Elvish Yadav are trying to sell their toys. The task also witnessed a heated argument between Abhishek and Avinash, who were supporting Elvish and Jiya, respectively. Bebika also came in between just to get hammered by Abhishek. However, who won the task has yet to be revealed.


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