Shocking! Sonam’s house burgled!

Image credits: Instagram Sonam Kapoor

It surely was one of the most traumatic experiences news for Sonam Kapoor and hubby, Anand Ahuja.

The couple’s New Delhi residence was robbed and cash and jewellery worth Rs 1.41 Crore was stolen.

Apparently, Sonam Kapoor’s mother-in-law was the first one to rush to the Tughlaq Road police station to lodge a complaint about the robbery at their home.

The senior officials of Delhi Police are investigating the matter.

As per reports, the staff of Sonam’s household are being questioned in the investigations.

There are 25 employees besides 9 caretakers, including drivers and cooks who are under suspicion.

The police is also going through the CCTV footage from the past year to identify any suspects..

Sonam’s house is located in the super posh Amrita Shergill Marg in Delhi.

Sonam’s father-in-law Harish Ahuja, and mother-in-law Priya Ahuja live at the house with Anand’s grandmother Sarla Ahuja.

Recently, there ¬†was another report that Harish Ahuja’s firm was duped of Rs 28 crores.

10 people were arrested in that matter.

Currently, Sonam and Anand are in Mumbai as Sonam is expecting her first child with Anand.

We hope the bad news stops for the beautiful couple.


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