Rohit Sharma takes over as India’s ODI captain

Image credits: Twitter account of Rohit Sharma

In a surprise development, Rohit Sharma was appointed as India’s ODI captain.

This happened just after the BCCI had sacked cricket legend, Virat Kohli from this role.

The BCCI wanted Virat Kohli to step down from ODI captaincy.

However he refused to follow the instructions and that’s when BCCI gave him the marching orders.

As per reports, Virat dared the board to sack him.

In response, the apex body of Indian cricket went ahead with his sacking.

Of course, Kohli had no option but to accept it.

The board wanted to give the captain of last four and half years a decent exit route but his stubborn nature forced the board to take a tough stand.

Meanwhile, Rohit Sharma’s first assignment would be against South Africa in 2022.


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