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PGL Copenhagen Major 2024; Regional RMR teams and format



Even with a little rocky qualifier stage, the first ever Major for Counter-Strike 2 is set to start next month, featuring 24 teams. The teams will make their way to the Major through Regional RMR qualifiers.

The regions include Europe, America and Asia-Pacific. European RMR will be divided into two parts due to the number of teams taking part. It currently boasts the largest number of competitive Counter-Strike teams.

On the flip side, the Asia-Pacific region is the smallest in terms of teams competing, despite having many players. The American region also boasts a healthy community but has been lacking behind the European region in Counter-Strike.


The European and American RMRs will be played in a 16-team Swiss System Format. However, Europe will feature the largest number of teams in the PGL Copenhagen Major.

The top 8 teams from European RMR A and RMR B will move to the Major. Losers will have one more chance to qualify for the major through decider brackets. A total of 17 teams (16 from RMRs + 1 from Decider) will move to Major.

The American RMR will feature a total of 16 teams, out of which, only five will qualify for the Major. As for Asia-Pacific, only two will qualify for the Major out of eight teams.

Here are all the teams qualified for the regional RMRs –

European RMR A

Natus Vincere
Virtus Pro
Ninjas in Pyjamas
Eternal Fire
9 Pandas
Into the Breach

European RMR B

Guild Eagles

American RMR

Wildcard Gaming
Nouns Esports
Badass Gaming
Team Liquid
RED Canids

Asia-Pacific RMR

Grayhound Gaming
Lynn Vision
The MongolZ


Deep Rock Galactic Survivors sells over half million copies in a week




Deep Rock Galactic Survivors

Deep Rock Galactic: Survivor, a spinoff auto-shooter for the Deep Rock Galactic game, has been pretty popular since its release. In fact, the game was so popular that it sold over 500,000 copies in a week.

For comparison, the original game sold the same amount in a year. However, the popularity of the original game sure helped the new one to get a strong start. The developers are beloved by the gaming community and implement things that players want.

“First of all, a huge thanks to all of you for making the early access launch exceed our wildest imagination. We never imagined the game would sell more than 500,000 units in just a week,” the developers said in their roadmap.

What is an auto shooter?

As the name suggests, auto-shooters are games where players do not have to manually fire a weapon. These games usually focus on other mechanics while the weapon you collected constantly shoots.

These games also come in the bullet hell category. A great example of a popular auto-shooter is Vampire Survivors, which gained a lot of popularity. For those who have played Vampire Survivors and Deep Rock, Galactic will find themselves at home.

The game combine elements from both games in a rouge-like gameplay, which for the most part is a great experience. You go around collecting items/resources while hordes of insects attack you. Those who do not like insects might have a hard time playing the game.

For a price less than $10, it is currently one of the best games to play. The game is set to implement a ton of content from previous game as well as new stuff in the future. These include boss fights, overclocks, new biomes and a lot of other things.

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Capcom Cup X; Final bracket players and matchups




Capcom Cup X

Sixteen players have now made their way to the Final Brackets of Capcom Cup X. After three days of countless fights between 48 players, the top two players from each group have made their way to the final stretch.

These players will now start from either the upper or lower brackets, depending on their rank in group stages. The top player from each group will start from the upper bracket, while the players in the second spot will be in the lower brackets.

Matches will be played in a double-elimination bracket, with each fight being first to three wins. Every stage will be played in this format, with the first players to reach three wins moving forward. Losers will drop to the lower bracket or get eliminated as per the situation.

Upper bracket Quarterfinals

Phenom Vs Chris Wong
DCQ Vs gachikun
Xian Vs Leshar

Lower bracket Losers Round 1

Kawano Vs Nephew
NuckleDu Vs NL
Fuudo Vs MenaRD
Sayff Vs Dual Kevin

All players played five matches, however, Chris Wong from Hong Kong playing in Group B and Xian from Singapore in Group E went flawless. Both players did not lose a single match in their groups.

The top players from the other group did drop one match. Groups where the top two players had similar wins and losses were scored based on how well they performed during rounds.

Capcom Cup X is also going to be the first ever fighting game tournament to offer the winner $1 million. This marks the start of a new era of competitive fighting games. More tournaments featuring much higher prize pools are expected moving forward.

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Project L by Riot Games moves to next phase, receives an official name




Project L aka 2XKO

Project L by Riot Games has entered the next stage of development and now finally has an official name. The upcoming fighting game is now called 2XKO. For those wondering how it is pronounced, “it’s pronounced how it’s spelt” as per the official account.

What is 2XKO?

2XKO is an upcoming 2v2 tag fighting game that has a very similar vibe to Guilt Gear games. It is currently in development and is expected to be released in 2025 for multiple platforms. The game features characters from League of Legends in a fresh new take.

The game was also made available as a trial during last year’s Evo and the developers have hosted multiple test phases. This year, the developers plan on getting more involved with the community and launching several more playtests.

“While the game’s name is now locked, the development work continues alongside the fighting game community with more opportunities for the FGC to playtest the game in progress, as well as provide valuable feedback to the dev team,” the developers said.

Release and Playtests

Much like Valorant, Riot Games will be focusing completely on playtesting with closed beta this year. There will be plenty of chances, with the first one coming soon. Furthermore, the game will also be available across multiple esports events this year.

While there is no solid release date yet, the developers believe that the game will be ready by 2025. The studio has ramped up the development of the game. Pricing is also not available, but judging by other releases, it will very likely be free to play.

In a previous interview, the executive producer of the game Tom Cannon said that they want everyone to be able to get into fighting games. For that reason, they plan to game not too complex, however, it does not mean it will be simple either.

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