How much money do Premier League footballers actually make?

Player wages are a fascinating topic for any football fan.

Well, this article will give you an overview about how much Premier League footballers actually earn.

Currently, Manchester City are the Premier League’s highest-paying club.

They spend around £360m a year on player wages.

Chelsea are in second spot with £347m.

Manchester United is third with an annual wage bill of £328m.

Liverpool is fourth at £317m.

The two north London clubs, Arsenal and Tottenham Hotspur are fifth and sixth at £245m and £208m respectively.

Coming to players, United are paying Cristiano Ronaldo about £450,000 ($544,000) a week, which makes the Premier League’s top earner.

Liverpool winger Mo Salad recently signed a long term contract that earns him £350,000 per week.

However, Salah doesn’t get to keep all the money.

He would take home just over £192,000 a week, with £142,000 going to Her Majesty’s Revenue & Customs and another £15,000 going to the National Insurance contribution.

As you can see, the tax component is substantial.

Footballers earning over £150,000 per annum in the UK pay the highest tax rate – which is 45 per cent.

To put that in context, in France, the top rate is 50 per cent, 43 per cent in Italy and 46 per cent in Spain.

Raheem Sterling is the top earner at Chelsea at around £300,000 a week.

Tottenham are paying their top earner, England captain Harry Kane, £200,000 a week.

Kurt Zouma is at £125,000 a week at West Ham United following his move from Chelsea last August.

Aston Villa are shelling out £125,000 each week to Philippe Coutinho.

Newcastle United are paying Kieran Trippier a weekly wage of £110,000.

Even at a relatively smaller club like the Wolverhampton Wolves, Joao Moutinho is earning £100,000 a week.

The newly-promoted Nottingham Forest is also paying big bucks.

They recently signed England midfielder Jesse Lingard who has a weekly salary of £110,000.

Football is a global sport and the Premier League is the most followed league.

This translates into mega bucks for everyone involved with the league, especially the players.


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