Apex board introduces new law to reduce over rate

Bowling (Source: Twitter)

The Apex board has decided to introduce a new law to reduce the over rate in international cricket. The International Cricket Board has decided to introduce a stop clock on a trial basis in men’s limited overs cricket to improve the over rate. The move comes from the apex board, following the repeatedly slow over rate in cricket today. The new law aims at improving the over rates in the match.

After the conclusion of the ODI World Cup 2023, the new law will be implemented. The law is all about taking as little time as possible between the two consecutive overs. As per the law, the bowling side must not take more than 60 seconds to bowl a new over. With the violation of the new law, a warning would be given to the bowling sides. Three such warnings would be given in an innings.

For each side, there will be a maximum of two opportunities to use a time of more than a minute to bowl the following over. If the teams repeat the mistake for the third time, they would be allotted a penalty of 5 runs. The cycle would continue for the entire innings of a side. The law was created to speed up the over rate, which can make the game more eventful and less time-consuming.

Law fair or unfair?

The announcement of the new law has got mixed reviews from the experts. Some of them believe that it is a good way to improve the over rate in Cricket. Others believe that the law is against the bowling sides which might require slightly more time in some of the important situations in a given game.

Some of them also believe that the execution of the rule might be better, as 5 runs is a lot of penalty. Some have argued that the law could have taken a cue from the recently amended law where teams failing to get quickly to the last over of the match within time would face the consequence of having a fielder less outside the circle.


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