WATCH: MS Dhoni gets spotted limping on stairs in recent Uttarakhand trip, fans get worried

MS Dhoni limping (Source - Twitter)
MS Dhoni limping (Source - Twitter)

Former legendary Indian captain MS Dhoni, known for his calm and composed nature on the field, is winning hearts off the cricket pitch with his recent visit to his ancestral village in Uttarakhand. While the ODI World Cup captivated the cricketing world, Dhoni chose to spend quality time in Almora’s Lwali village, accompanied by his wife, Sakshi.

Meanwhile, concerns arose among fans as Dhoni was observed limping while descending stairs during his recent visit to Uttarakhand. The worries escalated due to Dhoni’s history of knee surgery earlier in the year, a procedure necessitated by an injury sustained during the Indian Premier League 2023.

Watch the video here:

Talking about Dhoni, the legendary Indian skipper took retirement from international cricket in 2020 however, he continued to play in IPL and even helped Chennai Super Kings to lift their 5th title this year. He also promised his fans that he would be playing the 17th edition as well.

Dhoni never wanted the limelight: Sreesanth

Meanwhile, former India pacer Sreesanth recently expressed his admiration for Dhoni, emphasizing his selfless leadership and team-first approach. Despite the collective efforts of all players, Sreesanth credits Dhoni for steering the ship to victory, highlighting the captain’s crucial role in the team’s success.

“It will be a bit controversial when I say this. Yes, you can say ‘Why to talk only about 2-3 players? We also played our part in the win.’ But it’s just about the way Dhoni thought about the team first all the time. He even started the culture of giving the cup to the newest person in the team. He never wanted the limelight. Dhoni always wanted the team to do well.” Sreesanth was quoted as saying by Sportskeeda.

“Yes, we won the World Cups because of the hard work of each and every player. But while the ship may have many celebrities on it, the task to take it from one destination to another always is always done by the captain,” he added.


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