Malayalam TV actor and his friend arrested for honey-trapping 75-year-old man

Nithya Sasi, a Malayalam TV actor (Source - Twitter)
Nithya Sasi, a Malayalam TV actor (Source - Twitter)

The South’s TV industry has shocking news. The police have detained Malayalam TV actor Nitya Sasi and her companion Binu for bluffing a 75-year-old man in a honey-trapping case and extorting Rs 11 lakh from him. The incident took place in the Kel district’s Paravur.

Sasi, a Pathanamthitta native, and her friend Binu, a Paravur local, were reportedly detained from Paravur in Kollam, according to the police. The victim, who is 75 years old and resides in Pattom in Thiruvananthapuram, works for Kerala University.

Police claim that Sasi, who is also a lawyer, called the elderly man on May 24 under the pretence of renting out his home. According to the police, Sasi made friends with the victim through constant phone conversations and began paying him frequent visits.

“Later, during one of the visits, she threatened him to remove his clothes. Her friend Binu reached the spot as planned and clicked their intimate photos on his phone,” the police were quoted as saying by India Today.

Both accused were detained by Paravur Police

It’s been said that they both threatened to post those images on social media and wanted Rs 25 lakh from him. The individual eventually gave him INR 11 lakh after making numerous threats. He believed that the situation would be resolved at this point, but he soon started requesting money once more. On July 18, following this, he filed a complaint in writing with the Paravur police station.

After receiving repeated threats, the victim paid Rs. 11 lakh. However, the accused persisted in using blackmail to extort more money from the victim. The elderly victim complained to the Paravur Police on July 18 after becoming weary of the threats.

In order to make the last payment as instructed by the police, the complainant pretended to call the accused to his house. The two were then detained by the Paravur Police. The accused were brought before the judge and given judicial custody.


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