Jewish Human Rights Organisation urge Prime Video to remove ‘Bawaal’ for demeaning Nazi Holocaust

A still from 'Bawaal' (Source - Twitter)
A still from 'Bawaal' (Source - Twitter)

A recently released movie Bawaal, which was directed by Nitesh Tiwari, has received a tonne of praise internationally and this week ranked among the most watched films nationwide. People are being moved by Varun Dhawan’s and Janhvi Kapoor‘s performances as “Aju” and “Nisha,” respectively, as they are both earning high praise from the public.

However, some viewers are not happy with the movie due to the historical details connected to the film and its language. The movie was also shot at locations connected to Adolf Hitler in order to make it factually accurate. The dialogue “Hum sab bhi Hitler ki karte hain” and “Every relationship has to go through its Auschwitz” are frequently criticised in the movie. 

Many claim that the video accurately depicts the state of Auschwitz at the time, and as a result, the Simon Wiesenthal Centre (SWC), a human rights organisation dedicated to the remembrance of those who perished in the Nazi Holocaust, has asked Prime Video to remove the entire movie from their app.

“Directed by well-known Indian filmmaker Nitesh Tiwari, the film’s storyline which is set in contemporary times, leads to scenes in which the protagonists enter a gas chamber in Auschwitz and are suffocated while wearing striped clothing. Hitler is used as a metaphor in the movie for human greed, with the main protagonist, saying to his wife, ‘We’re all a little like Hitler, aren’t we?’” SWC was quoted as saying by Hindustan Times.

“Auschwitz is not a metaphor. It is the quintessential example of Man’s capacity for Evil. By having the protagonist in this movie declare that ‘Every relationship goes through their Auschwitz,’ Nitesh Tiwari, trivialises and demeans the memory of 6 million murdered Jews and millions of others who suffered at the hands of Hitler’s genocidal regime.”

I don’t understand where that sensitivity go when they watch an English movie: Varun Dhawan

Dhawan also talked about the outrage of the fans and said that the mindset of the people always remains different when they watch an English movie. But when it comes to any Bollywood movie, the fans get triggered. He believes that criticism should be equal for every movie.

“Some people got trigged or sensitive about this. But I don’t understand where that sensitivity or trigger go when they watch, suppose an English film, I’m saying for example. They’re allowed to do everything there, they’re allowed to take leaps and they’re allowed to show things in a certain way, but you’ll find that correct.

I know people have got very triggered after watching a small scene in a brilliant film, recently released. It’s a scene that’s important to our culture and our country. But that’s okay for you. You don’t feel they should be more sensitive to you? So where does your criticism go then?” Varun Dhawan was quoted as saying by Hindustan Times.


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