Former West Indies cricketer finds love in Pranita Tiwari Ganga, embracing Indian roots in Trinidad

West Indies cricketer
West Indies cricketer (Source: Twitter)

Former West Indies batsman Daren Ganga has had a wonderful run as a cricketer for Trinidad. Belonging to an Indian migrant family, Daren Ganga has embraced his life partner over the years. The West Indies batsman’s wife, Pranita Tiwari has a unique language proficiency. Being an Indian migrant herself, she speaks Bhojpuri more fluently than Hindi.  

Daren Ganga and Pranita Tiwari met in New York in 2017 during the Bollywood Awards function, IIFA Awards and felt an instant connection with one another. Initially being friends, the two started dating after a while and got married in 2020. 

Daren Ganga, a professional commentator comes from Trinidad from a family that migrated to the country from India when it was the British colony. More than 30% of the population in Trinidad is of Indian origin, hence he felt an instant connection with a girl belonging to the same roots. 

Apart from being a professional cricketer’s wife, Pranita Tiwari was previously working for the prestigious, English newspaper, New York Times and currently runs a Fresh Juice Bar in Trinidad along with her husband. 

Pranita Tiwari on her Hindi speaking proficiency 

Being an Indian, Pranita Tiwari was born and brought up in Australia while she got married to a guy belonging to Trinidad, West Indies, Pranita’s Hindi is not very fluent. Surprisingly she has a proficient Bhojpuri, as she is a fan of Bhojpuri movie superstar and politician Manoj Tiwari. 

“I was born in Australia. My hindi is not very fluent. My siblings will laugh at me for speaking in hindi but I like speaking in hindi. We were in India for about 2 months during IPL and I really enjoyed my time over there. My parents are from Varanasi. I have been there many times. My Foofaji (uncle from father’s side) lives at the Assi Ghat.My whole family lives there. I always wanted to do something which was connected to my roots. Because I feel proud as an Indian even if I was not born there,” said Pranita Tiwari. 


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