Fire breaks out at Eden Gardens ahead of ODI World Cup 2023 – Reports


At this point, the Indian Cricket Board is facing a lot of criticism regarding the schedule of the ODI World Cup 2023. Recently, the different board raised an issue around the schedule and the game between England and Pakistan has been shifted by a day. Apparently, according to the previous schedule, the game was meant to be played on the day of Kali Puja.

Now, the issue has been resolved. Meanwhile, another problem has been reported arrived for the Cricket Association of Bengal. It is reported that a part of the stadium caught fire on August 9. The reports suggested that the fire started in the false ceiling of the changing area of the players’ equipment room. All of the players’ possessions were burned, despite the fact that the damage was not severe.

The incident will be looked into and with two months left in the World Cup. The CAB has a deadline of September 15 to complete all the remodeling of the stadium. Apart from this, the ground lacks CCTV cameras which the Cricket Association would need during the tournament.

ODI World Cup 2023 games at Kolkata

28-Oct-2023 Saturday Netherlands vs Bangladesh Kolkata 2:00 P.M
31-Oct-2023 Tuesday Pakistan vs Bangladesh Kolkata 2:00 P.M
5-Nov-2023 Sunday India vs South Africa Kolkata 2:00 P.M
11-Nov-2023 Saturday England vs Pakistan Kolkata 2:00 P.M
16-Nov-2023 Thursday Semi Final 2 Kolkata 2:00 P.M


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