Deepika Padukone, please take care of your health! Or else..

Image: Instagram Deepika Padukone

Deepika Padukone is one of Bollywood’s top actresses.

Currently she is shooting for her upcoming sci-fi movie, Project K, in Hyderabad.

Project K is a tentatively titled film that will mark pan-India actor Prabhas and Deepika’s first collaboration.

It’s a sci-fi thriller that also features Amitabh Bachchan and Disha Patani in key roles.

A few days ago, an incident happened that left all Deepika fans extremely worried.

Reportedly, the actress complained of uneasiness on the sets.

Hence, she was immediately taken to a private hospital in Hyderabad called Kamineni Hospital.

The doctors found that her heart rate had increased which is a big cause of concern.

The doctors also revealed that she had complained of gastric issues.

Deepika had to go through several tests that took half of the day.

Later, Deepika felt fine and promptly, she returned to the sets to complete the shoot.

Is Deepika overworked?

Deepika is one of the busiest actors in Bollywood.

She is extremely punctual and pushes herself till her uttermost capacity.

She is known to have medicines and continue shooting even when she is under the weather.

There are rumours that in the past, she has worked for 30 hours straight.

Industry sources recall how after shooting for Happy New Year for 16 odd hours, Deepika rushed for her dance performance at an award function.

Not only did she perform, she also did a thorough rehearsal with the team before that.

This is not sustainable.

Recently, Deepika has been juggling her Bollywood career, her responsibilities as Cannes jury and her commercial endorsements with Louis Vuitton.

Deepika needs to go slow as she has a history of ignoring medical advice for the sake of her career.

As per sources, her husband Ranveer  and her parents, Prakash and Ujjala Padukone have been extremely worried about Deepika’s health.

We share this concern and hope that Deepika stays healthy and happy always.


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