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BGMI Rising Star Showdown S3; Week 2 Day 2 top teams



The second week for the BGMI Rising Star Showdown S3 semifinals is halfway done. Few teams are heavily dominating the matches in their groups, trying to stay in the top three positions by the end of match days.

Why the top three, you ask? The Rising Star Showdown features a prize pool of Rs 10 lakh. Out of this, Rs 4 lakh is being kept aside for the ongoing semifinals. The prize money will be distributed among the top three teams in both weeks.

Genesis Esports has displayed a dominating performance on both days of the second week. With 41 points on day 1 and 62 points on day 2, the team is way ahead of others for now.

Gods Reign secured third place after Week 1 concluded, taking home Rs 25,000. This time around, they seem to be aiming for the top. While day 1 was not that great, they made a comeback on the next day and are currently in second spot with 72 points.

Here are the top five teams currently in Week 2 –

Genesis Esports – 103 points
Gods Reign – 72 points
WindGod Esports – 71 points
Team Zero – 64 points
Chemin Esports – 61 points

Few others are also not much behind and will try to make up for the gap in the next two match days. At the end of Week 2, the top 16 teams will qualify for the grand finals.

Here are the current top 16 teams in terms of points –

Gods Reign – 193 points
Genesis Esports – 192 points
Reckoning Esports – 185 points
Orangutan – 153 points
Blind eSports – 151 points
Team SouL – 150 points
Hyderabad Hydras – 143 points
Carnival Gaming – 141 points
Medal Esports – 139 points
Chemin Esports – 135 points
8Bit – 133 points
Team Forever – 131 points
Hydra – 130 points
Revenant Esports – 128 points
WindGod Esports – 127 points
Team Zero – 126 points

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Hockey player Varun Kumar accused of raping minor girl in Bengaluru




Varun Kumar

Shocking news has come out regarding an Indian Hockey player. Varun Kumar has been accused of raping a minor girl in Bengaluru. A case has been registered in the Silicon City of India by the girl. The police have reported the same and are in search of the accused. The case seems to be a shocking one hearing the accusation of the victim. 

The woman who has accused the Hockey player of raping her is 22 now. It is claimed that Varun has raped the woman many times in the last five years, which is shocking. It is also being reported that Varun had promised the woman to marry in the past. The two met each other in 2019 via Instagram when the woman was just 17 years old. 

The woman claimed that Varun used to have sex with her now and then. Varun used to visit Sai Stadium for coaching camps in Bengaluru. The girl has complained against Varun in a police station in the Graden city. As a result, an FIR (First Investigation Report) has been filed on the Hockey player in Bengaluru. The police have been in the search for the accused for the past few days. 

He is on the run and a search is on to trace him’ – Police statement

Varun has been living in Punjab’s Jalandhar. The player belongs to Himachal Pradesh, a northern state in India. The police of Bengaluru have reacted to the case and claimed that he is currently running away from them. They added that the search operation to get hold of the accused is in full swing. “He is on the run and a search is on to trace him,” said a Police statement. 

Varun was a part of the Indian team that won the Bronze in the Olympics in 2021 at Tokyo. It was a huge achievement for India, as they won a medal in the event for the first time since 1980. Kumar was awarded a cash price of INR 1 Lakhs back then by the government of Himachal Pradesh for his contribution to the win. 

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Spacestation Gaming makes a comeback into Apex Legends esports




Spacestation Gaming (SSG) is making a comeback in the Apex Legends esports scene with this year’s ALGS. The organization recently announced the signing of the North American squad ‘PLP’.

The team features former FaZe Clan IGL Josue “Phony” Ruiz, ex-DarkZero fragger Brody “Xynew” Geissler, and the returning SSG veteran Joseph “Frexs” Sanchez, who has previous experience with FaZe, NRG, and C9.

Dan Barbou will be managing the team as their coach and analyst, r, He was the previous coach for FaZe. The team is set to participate in the ALGS Pro League in the coming weeks.

Team already qualified from NA region

SSG has already secured a spot in the top 10 of the North American region after PLP won their second match day. The teams held their own among some strong competitors like DarkZero, FURIA, and Disguised.

Frexs previously acted as an IGL for Spacestation Gaming in 2022 and 2023 and is making a return to the team. However, the role of IGL will be managed by Phony. The Apex veteran has already demonstrated his skills in LAN tournaments with FaZe last year.

While Phony and Frexs are known for their consistency, Xynew has also had time to refine his skills across various regional tournaments.

Fan expectations are quite high for SSG qualifying for LAN due to their experience. The team already has great firepower and a proven track record. All they have to do is coordinate with each other to become LAN champions.

Return of SSG

SSG previously took a break from Apex Legends rosters back in 2021 and were silent for the entire 2022. This was reportedly concerns about a lack of revenue sharing in pro-Apex

However, the team is back with some heavy hitters and has quickly become fan favourites and one of the strongest teams in NA.

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South Africa’s paralympian Oscar Pistorius released on parole



Former South Africa Paralympian Oscar Pistorius has been released on strict parole conditions. Back in 2013, he mistakenly murdered his girlfriend, Reeva Steenkamp. He claimed to have mistaken her for a burglar and shot her from inside his bathroom. In the same year, he was jailed for 16 years. However, after completing his 11 years of sentence, he has been released on bail on some conditions.

Pistorius’ sentence will conclude in 2029. As per the law of the South African land, offenders are allowed to be considered for parole after serving half of their total sentence, and in Pistorius’s case, this moment has arrived. His parole conditions include strict monitoring and participation in programs addressing anger management and gender-based violence.

Reeva Steenkamp’s mother, June Steenkamp, expressed her acceptance of the legal process, stating as per BBC, “The conditions imposed by the parole board, which includes anger management courses and programs on gender-based violence, send out a clear message that gender-based violence is taken seriously.” She acknowledged the limitations of justice, emphasizing the irreparable loss suffered by her family.

Oscar Pistorius’ journey in a nutshell

The 37-year-old’s career took off when he secured four gold medals in the Paralympics. During the 2012 London Olympics, he competed against non-disabled athletes. However, due to the unfortunate event mentioned above, his much-celebrated career came to an end.

The Department of Correctional Services in South Africa asserted that Pistorius, despite his celebrity status, would be treated like any other parolee. The conditions entail home confinement during specific hours, a ban on alcohol consumption, and restrictions on media interaction.

June Steenkamp reflected on the complexity of justice in the face of an irreparable loss, stating, “There can never be justice if your loved one is never coming back, and no amount of time served will bring Reeva back.” She expressed her hope to focus on the Reeva Rebecca Steenkamp Foundation, dedicated to continuing her daughter’s legacy.

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