Sahi hai abb rules bhi copy-paste karo’ – Fans react as CPL introduces special football-esque ‘Red Card’

CPL introduces Red Card
CPL introduces Red Card (Source: Twitter)

In an effort to deal with slow over rates in T20 games, the Caribbean Premier League (CPL) introduced an innovative rule similar to Football’s ‘Red Card’ whereby one fielder will be dismissed from the field if the 20th over does not start in time. As per the rules, the 17th over in any T20 game must start by 72 minutes and 15 seconds, the 18th by 76 minutes and 30 seconds, and the 19th by 80 minutes and 45 seconds, while the last over has to end within 85 minutes.

The system of penalties is easy to understand. If the 18th over does not start in time, one extra fielder will be pushed inside the circle (five players inside the circle). If the 19th over does not start in time, two additional fielders will enter the circle (six players inside the circle). Finally, if the delay persists in the final over, one fielder will have to leave the playing field.

‘Disappointed that T20 games are getting longer and longer’ – CPL operations director

CPL’s operations director Micheal Hall opened up on the new rule. “We have been disappointed that our T20 games have been getting longer and longer each year, and we want to do what we can to arrest this trend. It is the duty of those involved in cricket to ensure that the game keeps moving and we have sensitized both the franchises and our match officials to this duty ahead of the tournament. Our hope is that these in-game penalties are not needed, but we believe they are proportionate and necessary,” he said.

“Over rates will be monitored by the third umpire and communicated to the captains via on-field umpires at the end of every over, as well as to the crowd and TV audience, with graphics showing how far they are behind (or ahead of) the over rate. Dispensations will be given for injuries, DRS, and time-wasting by the batting side where appropriate,” the statement added. The men’s Caribbean Premier League starts on August 17 while the women’s version of the league kicks off on August 31.

Here’s how fans reacted:


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