‘Blockbuster written all over it’ – Fans react as Akshay Kumar starrer ‘OMG 2’ reviews are out, receives positive response from critics

A Still from 'OMG 2' (Source - Twitter)
A Still from 'OMG 2' (Source - Twitter)

The review of the much-awaited sequel of Oh My God (OMG) starring Akshay Kumar is out as the special screening for several journalists was scheduled by the makers. The movie is anticipated to get a grand opening on its release day which is Friday, August 11.

OMG 2 is getting excellent reviews from the critics and the fans are also excited to watch the movie on Friday. Meanwhile, popular senior Indian journalist Sudhir Chaudhary attended the special screening of the movie and praised the makers for making a brilliant movie which is based on sex education. He took to Twitter and wrote an appreciation note and also tagged Akshay.

“Watched #OMG2, and found it a path-breaking film on sex education, a subject we avoid speaking about in our homes and schools. Found it so funny and entertaining also, like a true-blue @akshaykumar comedy, still with a lovely message. I think it’s a very bold attempt by an established star like #AkshayKumar who doesn’t even need to take risks. 

He has handled a complex subject with a lot of maturity, and conviction. I would say every teenager, parent and teacher should watch it. Unfortunately, an A certificate has turned OMG2 into an Adult film, although meant for teenagers.” he wrote on Twitter.

Check out what the movie is based on

Most people in India still view sex education as a taboo subject, but with OMG 2, filmmaker Amit Rai hopes to start a discussion about its inclusion in school curricula. The storyline of OMG 2 centres on how Vivek (Aarush Varma)’s mental health is affected by an incident of schoolyard masturbation and how this affects how society views his entire family.

Lord Shiva sends his messenger (Akshay Kumar) to support the family in trying times and help them out of the predicament when all hope and spirit has been lost. The messenger prompts Kanti Sharan Mudgal’s (Pankaj Tripathi) father to initiate a lawsuit against the school and several other social misinformants. In OMG 2, the story of the case and how Kanti Sharan Mudgal breaks the taboo are revealed.

Here’s how fans reacted:


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