‘Bhai Rajkumar Hirani kabhi remake nahi banata’ – Fans react as critics try to find connection between SRK’s Dunki and Dulquer Salmaan’s Comrade in America

Posters of Dunki and CIA (Source - Twitter)
Posters of Dunki and CIA (Source - Twitter)

Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan is gearing up for his third movie of the year, which is scheduled for release on December 22. This highly anticipated film, titled “Dunki,” is directed by the experienced filmmaker Rajkumar Hirani. However, amidst the buzz surrounding the movie, there have been rumours circulating on social media suggesting that “Dunki” is a remake of a 2017 Malayalam film.

Some film critics are attempting to draw connections between “Dunki” and “Comrade in America,” which has piqued the curiosity of movie enthusiasts. It’s worth noting that “Dunki” is set to go head-to-head with Prabhas‘ “Salaar,” directed by Prashant Neel, as both films are slated for release on the same day.

In the meantime, reports have emerged indicating similarities between Shah Rukh Khan’s “Dunki” and Dulquer Salmaan’s “Comrade in America” (abbreviated as CIA). “Comrade in America” is an adventure film from 2017 in the Malayalam language, directed by Amal Neerad and starring Dulquer Salmaan and Karthika Muralidharan in leading roles.

You know it’s Raju Hirani. You know it is not going to be a remake: A fan wrote

One of the fans didn’t like the comparison and blasted a critic who tried to draw similarities between both movies. He said that Hirani can never remake a movie. He also made allegations against the critic and said that he made the comparison for his own benefit.

“You know it’s Raju Hirani. You know it is not going to be a remake. Everyone knows your intention here. Very smartly you posted the logline of the two films here so that people would start fighting because hate sells. If you were actually pointing out similarities or drawing parallels like a cinema enthusiast, you would have commented on the similarity of the two like a mature person. 

But you choose to do what benefits you. Shame on you for being a journalist. You are just like a teenage noob fanboy who wants to get reach via anything possible not considering the impacts or your own responsibility as a professional.” The fans wrote on Twitter.

Here’s how fans reacted:


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