Weather to play spoil sport for fifth Test between India and England in Dharamshala



The fifth Test between India and England is set to be affected by the weather. The chilly weather and rain could be a big factor that could determine the result of the match. A few days back, the Indian analyst and commentator, Harsha Bhogle, took to X and gave an update involving the weather of Dharamshala for the five days. As per the weather reports it is predicted to be chilling cold in Dharamshala.

Bhogle took to X and wrote that he checked the forecast for the five days of the play between India and England. He claimed that even reading the weather report made him shiver. Bhogle claimed that the maximum temperature for the first day of the play is 10 degrees centigrade. While Bhogle is hoping for the weather to get better, he revealed the weather forecast for the play during the daytime.

The commentator claimed that at 7 a.m., the weather is likely to be around two degrees Celsius with the presence of snow. Even the weather reports for the fifth Test have claimed the same. According to ‘AccuWeather’, the first two days of the Test are to be filled with cold temperatures.

Advantage for England?

For the first two days of the Test, the weather is likely to be cloudy and cooler. In the afternoon, the city is expected to witness rain and thundershowers for some time. “Mostly cloudy and colder; a little morning rain followed by a couple of thundershowers in the afternoon,” claimed the weather report. Most websites have reported a similar condition for the fifth Test between England and India.

However, the weather is likely to get better for the last three days. “Pleasant and warmer with abundant amounts of sunshine,” read the weather report for the last three days. If what reports claim is to be believed, one will feel that the visiting side might have a bit of an advantage. The showers of rain and cold weather are more familiar to Englishmen than the Indians.

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