Mohammed Shami opens up on missing his daughter



Mohammed Shami has opened up about missing her daughter. After marrying Hasin Jahan in 2014, Shami got a daughter in the form of Aaira in 2015. In the last few years, a court case has been going on between Shami and Jahan. As a result, Jahan has custody of her daughter. Shami has revealed that he has not been able to meet his daughter in person as well as he would have liked. 

The Indian pacer was asked about the same in an interview. He questioned who would not miss their kids and family. Shami added that not everything would be under control of an individual. He added that no parent can leave their blood. Shami added that he speaks with his daughter at times and claimed it to be possible only if his wife allows him to.  

“I do speak to her sometimes. It all depends on her, if she (Hasin Jahan) allows I talk to her. I haven’t visited her yet. I just want to wish her good health and a lot of success,” said Shami in the interview. Jahan was criticized lately when she claimed that the performance of Shami in the ODI World Cup 2023 does not matter for her. 

I make sure that she is living a healthy life’ – Mohammed Shami

Shami had a sensational outing in the ODI WC 2023. The star pacer claimed the most wickets in the tournament despite not getting a chance to play in four matches for India. For his brilliant performance at the highest level, Shami was awarded the Arjuna Award by the Indian government. Since then, Shami has not been in action. He is likely to return in the IPL 2024 for Gujarat Titans. 

In the interview, the 33-year-old added that nothing should burden his daughter irrespective of his relationship with Hasin. The right-arm pacer claimed that he would make sure her daughter had a healthy life. “Whatever is going on between her mother and me, that shouldn’t matter. I make sure that she is living a healthy life,” added the experienced pacer in his statement. 

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