Mirzapur fame Vikrant Massey becomes father for the first time



Noted actor Vikrant Massey has become the father of a boy and announced it on Wednesday. The actor took to social media to announce the news to the wider world about the newest member.

“For we have become one. We are bursting with joy and love to announce the arrival of our son. Love Sheetal and Vikrant” the message read. The actor has tasted success with the movie 12th fail in recent times.

Vikrant Massey was also known for playing a key role in the web series Mirzapur. The series was filled with violence and saw the character of Vikrant Massey killed off after the first season.

Vikrant Massey is over the moon –

Actor Vikrant Massey and his wife Sheetal Thakur have a new member in their life. The couple announced the birth of their son on Wednesday. it was a huge moment for the hero as Vikrant Massey is also celebrating the success of his movie 12th Fail.

The two had got married in 2022 and Vikrant Massey was over the moon. Speaking to the media he had said “My married life has been great. Yes, there are a lot of things that are different now. I feel a lot different but I married my best friend and couldn’t have asked for more. I got a new house, and that has also been a blessing. So life is good and God has been very kind. Work-wise, it’s also been a very good year. I am really happy with the kind of work that I am doing and that I have done”

Many noted Bollywood stars also congratulated the couple on social media. 12th Fail which is his latest movie has become a huge hit. The film is about real real-life police officer who braved the odds to enter the force.

The success of the movie has seen him become a huge hit amongst the fans. Before this, Vikrant Massey was known to play the role of Vinay Pandit. Called Bablu Pandit in the series Mirzapur, his calm and collected acting earned him rave reviews.

While many fans were heartbroken at the end of season 1, Vikrant Massey became a household name. The entire series has taken him to newer heights as many more movies are expected to come out.

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