Ankita Lokhande in tears after Vicky Jain gets eliminated from Bigg Boss 17



Vicky Jain got eliminated from the Bigg Bouse 17 house with just a week to go for the final. Following the eviction of her husband, Ankita Lokhande was in tears as she could not bear the fact that Vicky was eliminated due to the lack of votes by the fans. Ankita hugged Vicky and cried to express her disappointment over him getting eliminated from the show unexpectedly.

The eviction for the week saw Arun Mashettey, Vicky, and Ankita herself being nominated. The three were asked to open their chits to see their fate. It was as if to indicate that each of their future was in their own hands. When Vicky opened his chit, he read out as ‘Evicted’. It confirmed Ankita and Arun as the last two finalists of the 17th season of Bigg Boss.

Vicky went on to every finalist and hugged them. He hugged Mannara, Munawar, and Abhishek. Vicky then hugged Ankita and wished her luck for the final. After what has happened between the two over the weeks, Ankita found herself feeling sad for her husband. Ankita was in tears and cried after hugging Vicky. She could not believe that the fans voted against him.

Fans doubt the emotion of Ankita Lokhande

After the eviction, Ankita said “Mere liye tu hi winner hai. Tu bahot accha khela. Mujhe farak nahi parta tujhe votes kam aye. Meri nazar me tu winner hai mera kyuki tune sanch me bohot acha khela, bohot mehnat se khela. Tu yaha bina kisi platform ke aya. Tune jo bana hai yaha ake bana hai. I am proud to be your wife. Main Vicky Jain ki biwi hoon. Please mat jao mai nahi reh paungi.”

While Ankita claimed Vicky to be a hard-working candidate and impressed her, fans did not buy the reaction of Ankita. Many called her to be overdramatic over the elimination of Vicky. Ankita claimed that Vicky has made a name for himself in the Bigg Boss house. The fans were of the opinion that Vicky did play well unlike Lokhande and called her fake.

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