Bigg Boss 17: Salman Khan slams Vicky Jain’s family over comments on Ankita Lokhande



With just a week left to go for the Bigg Boss 17 season finale, there are massive sparks in the house. Vicky Jain and his wife Ankita Lokhande have had a lot of issues during the duration of the show.

Recently after family week, Vicky Jain’s mother made some claims about the actress. According to Rajani, the mother of Vicky Jain her son has been taking care of Ankita monetarily. This did not go down well with Salman Khan during ‘Weekend ka Vaar.’

The veteran actor schooled Vicky Jain’s relative who had come to the show over the weekend. Known for his blunt talk, Salman Khan took many sarcastic digs at Reshu Jain the sister-in-law of Vicky Jain.

Salman Khan Gets angry at Vicky Jain’s relative

With every passing episode, Bigg Boss 17’s finale is being widely anticipated. Salman Khan welcomed a few members of the contestant’s families for the weekend episode. One of them was Reshu Jain who is a close relative of Vicky Jain.

After Rajani Jain’s comments on Ankita Lokhande were made public, Salman Khan decided to address the issue. Tiger 3 actor said how few outside influences are spoiling the mind of Rajani Jain. “They are jealous, they are poking your mother-in-law and she is getting poked. If they say how Ankita entered such a ‘big family’, does she belong to a smaller family? Aapke parivaar ko koi nhi jaanta tha, Bilaspur mein koi nhi janta tha. Isko Hindustan mein bachcha bachcha janta hai.”

Not known to mince words, Salman Khan also said, “Tell her to eradicate them from her life; otherwise, she will be a very miserable woman”. The actor also revealed that Ankita Lokhande wanted to do Bigg Boss only with Vicky and had declined the show previously.

Reshu Jain said to Salman Khan that she was shocked by the statements of Rajani Jain. The actor then advised that Vicky must take a stand otherwise the marriage will fall apart.

Bigg Boss fans this year have been treated to lots of drama inside the house. With the fights and personal equations changing every hour and every day. One is curious to see what the future holds for Vicky Jain and his wife Ankita Lokhande.

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