Bigg Boss 17: Arun Mahashettey’s heartfelt breakdown as Sunny Aryaa’s exit leaves fans in tears



Bigg Boss 17 took an emotional turn in its latest Weekend Ka Vaar episode, hosted by Bollywood director and producer Karan Johar, filling in for the regular host Salman Khan. Despite the change in hosting duties, Karan adeptly navigated through the show’s dynamics, addressing critical issues with a balanced approach.

The highlight of the episode was a heated altercation between contestants Sunny Aryaa and Abhishek Kumar which took place earlier this week, escalating to the point where Sunny Aryaa physically confronted Abhishek by grabbing his collar. This incident crossed a line, leading to a decisive move by Bigg Boss.

In a harsh decision, Sunny Aryaa, also known as Tehelka, was removed from the show for engaging in physical violence with a fellow contestant. The eviction announcement left the housemates in shock, triggering an outpour of emotions. Tehelka’s close friend, Arun, was particularly affected, breaking down in tears at the unexpected turn of events.

Fans shared their emotional reactions on social media

Even Abhishek, the target of Tehelka’s physical aggression, pleaded with Bigg Boss to reconsider the eviction, expressing a desire to retract his earlier statements. However, the decision had been made, and Tehelka bid a tearful farewell, hugging Arun before leaving the Bigg Boss house.

The emotional episode left a lasting impact on the contestants, prompting reflection on the consequences of their actions within the high-stakes environment of the reality show. As the drama unfolded, viewers were left eagerly anticipating the next developments in the ever-evolving narrative of Bigg Boss 17.

Fans have also shared their emotional reactions to the shocking and unexpected eviction. Many fans showed sympathy towards Arun and called his friendship true. However, at the same time, the also claimed that Abhishek was just doing drama. A fan wrote, “Among all the hype around so called celebrities the most genuine bonds have formed between #ArunMashettey-#Tehalka and #MunawarFaruqui-#JignaVora. We keep hyping friendships of fake people like Ankita and Mannara, but right now Runku looks more genuine.”

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