WATCH: Poonam Pandey gives her prediction for Bigg Boss 17



Poonam Pandey gives her prediction for the Bigg Boss 17. The popular actress has predicted the winner for the 17th edition of the biggest Indian TV show. Poonam claimed Munawar Farauqi as the winner of the 17th edition of Bigg Boss. When asked about her prediction for the season, Poonam predicted that Munawar to be the winner. Poonam requested Munawar to win it at all costs.

Munawar! Aur tu hi jeetke aana bhai, please! Banda bahut deserving hai,” said Poonam. The actress further added that she would give good news by the start of the next year. “Tum log ko bahut acchi news de rahi hoon, saal khatam hone pe,” said Poonam. The popular actress later added that she is going for dubbing in a certain show. “Mai isiliye abhi dubbing ke liye jaa raha hoon,” added Poonam.

When the reporters enquired about the announcement and the duration of it, Poonam revealed that it is a long process, starts by the start of the next year and goes on for a long time. “Ye saal shuru hoga aur kaafi saalon tak chalega. Itna bada hai,” added Poonam. The reporter then reminded her that the World Cup came to an end. Poonam had a mixed reaction to it.

‘World Cup toh khair chodo’ – Poonam Pandey

“World Cup toh nikal gaya madam,” said a reporter. Poonam blushed at it by turning opposite to the direction of the camera. She returned to it and said “World Cup toh khair chodo. Aaj hi meme dekh rahi thi, cup le gaye, cup le gaye.” The disappointement of Poonam was hidden behind her smile, as she seemed to have moved on from the loss of India in the big tournament.

Poonam then asked the reporters how she was looking. One of them said that she was looking brilliant. Another reporter said that she was looking number one. “Aap ek number lag rahi ho madam,” said a reporter. Poonam thanked the reporters for praising her. The reporters then asked about her well-being. Poonam smilingly replied to all the questions of the reporters and sent them back happy.

Watch the video of Poonam’s prediction here –

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