WATCH: Rohit Sharma opens up for first time after heartbreaking ODI World Cup 2023 final loss against Australia



Indian Cricket team skipper Rohit Sharma finally broke his silence after the heartbreaking loss in the ODI World Cup 2023 final against Australia by 6 wickets at the Narendra Modi Stadium in Ahmedabad last month. Along with the fans, even players were disappointed after the loss and the skipper himself couldn’t hold his tears and started crying after the loss.

In a video recently uploaded on social media, Rohit can be seen talking about how he tried to overcome that loss. The right-handed batter revealed that he decided to avoid public appearances for some time and went to spend time with his family. His friends and family members tried to appreciate the efforts of the team which kept him going.

Watch the video here:

“After the final, it was very hard to get back and start moving on, which is why I decided that I needed to get my mind out of this. But then, wherever I was, I realised that people were coming up to me and they were appreciating everyone’s effort, and how well we played. I feel for all of them. They all, along with us, were dreaming of lifting that World Cup, along with us,” Rohit was quoted as saying by

“Everywhere we went during this entire campaign, there was so much support from everyone who came to the stadium first and people who were watching it from home as well. I want to appreciate what the people have done for us, in that one and half month period. But again, if I think more and more about that I feel quite disappointed that we were not able to go all the way” added Rohit.

It was just pure love from people that I met: Rohit Sharma

Rohit said that the fans and people around him saying that they were brilliant throughout the World Cup healed him well and he was pleased to hear those words. Rohit also added that they understand the situation and feelings of the fans but it was very heart-touching for the fans to show only love to the players.

“For me to see, you know, people coming up to me, telling me that they were proud of the team, you know made me feel good. Along with them, I was healing as well. I felt, okay these are the kind of things you want to hear,” Rohit said.

He added, “People, when they understand what the player must be going through and when they know these kinds of things and not to bring out that frustration, that anger, it means a lot for us, for me definitely it meant a lot because there was no anger, it was just pure love from people that I met and it was wonderful to see that. So it gives you motivation to get back and start working again and look for another ultimate prize.” he added.

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