WATCH: India’s men’s squash team strikes gold by beating Pakistan in Asian Games 2023



The Indian men’s squash team emerged victorious, striking gold by defeating arch-rivals Pakistan in a thrilling showdown at the Asian Games 2023 on Saturday, September 30. The highly anticipated clash between the two neighbouring nations captivated fans worldwide with its intense rivalry and incredible athleticism.

This victory not only secures India’s supremacy in squash in the Asian Games but also adds another chapter to the storied rivalry between India and Pakistan in sports. The crowd was treated to a display of top-tier squash from both sides. The video of one of the players from the team Abhay Singh celebrating after winning the gold has gone viral on the internet.

Watch the video here:

India’s men’s squash team, consisting of Saurav Ghoshal, Abhay, and Mahesh Mangaonkar, staged an incredible comeback to secure India’s second-ever squash gold medal at the tournament. Initially trailing 0-1 after losing the first match, the Indian team’s fortunes took a turn when Saurav Ghoshal orchestrated a remarkable turnaround. Abhay Singh then sealed a nail-biting victory in his best-of-five match with a score of 3-2, ultimately propelling India to clinch the gold medal with a 2-1 win in the best-of-three match series.

Brilliant performance by India’s Squash team

In the final match, Abhay Singh faced off against Noor Zaman after the first two matches had failed to determine a clear winner. The two exceptional players engaged in a thrilling five-game contest that reached its climax in the final game. Abhay found himself in a tough spot, trailing 8-10 in the decisive fifth game, with no margin for error as a single point could have cost India the gold. 

However, Abhay exhibited remarkable composure, saving those two crucial points before triumphing in the final game with a score of 12-10. This victory marks India’s second-ever gold medal in squash at the Asian Games, following their win in the 2014 men’s event.

Prior to Abhay Singh’s pivotal match, Mahesh Mangaonkar and Saurav Ghoshal also competed. Mahesh suffered a significant setback, losing in straight sets. Ghoshal then took matters into his own hands, defeating Pakistan‘s Muhammad Asim in three straight games. Abhay Singh’s remarkable performance was the crowning moment in this historic match.

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