Serbia’s Dejana Radanovic gets criticised by users on social media for her comments against India



Dejana Radanovic posted an Instagram story which has triggered a lot of criticism from Indian users online. The Serbian Tennis star was recently in India to play in the ITF tour which happened in major cities like Pune, Bengaluru, Indore, and Mumbai. In one of the matches, the world number 253 was beaten by a local player named Vaidehi Chaudhari. 

During her visit to India, the Serbs played a lot of matches and had to stay in different cities. Every now and then, Dejana took to Instagram and expressed her displeasure regarding staying in India. As her tour came to an end after a stay of three weeks in the country, Dejana bid adieu to the country with a controversial Instagram story, which has not gone well with Indians. 

In her post, the Tennis player said that she did not like India. Dejana added that she did not like traffic, food, and hygiene in the country. “I didn’t like India – the country. I didn’t like the food, traffic, hygiene (worms in the food, yellow pillows and dirty bed linen in the hotel, not knowing how to use roundabout etc.),” wrote Dejana in her story on her social media handle. 

Indians ask apology from Dejana Radanovic

Before leaving India, Radanovic bid adieu and added that she would never ever be in the country again. “Adios India. See you never ever ever ever ever EVER again,” added Radanovic in her story. The opinion of Dejana did not go well with the Indians. The users online asked the Serbian to issue an apology for her statement. Some of the users also considered her racist. 

Reacting to the same, Dejana asked if someone visits Serbia and does not like things, would they be considered racist as well? She questioned the users about what her opinions have to do with racism. “If you come to my country, Serbia, and don’t like all those same things, that means you are a racist?? What the hell does that have to do with racism?” questioned the Serbian after facing backlash from the users. 

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