‘It’s not healthy, have got anxiety issues’ – Ankita Lokhande speaks about watching Bigg Boss 17 episodes



Ankita Lokhande, the third runner-up of Bigg Boss 17, recently opened up about her tumultuous journey on the show alongside her husband, Vicky Jain. In a candid interview, Pavitra Rishta expressed how watching the show now is a traumatic experience for her.

Ankita revealed that the impact of her scenes, especially those involving her relationship with Vicky, still hurts. She emphasised that the portrayal on television, even if it was light-hearted banter, appeared exaggerated and had taken a toll on her mental well-being.

Reflecting on her relationship with Vicky, Ankita shared that the way they communicate as friends often becomes distorted on TV, making it uncomfortable and unhealthy for her to watch. Despite the conflicts shown on screen, Ankita acknowledged that their interactions, though intense, were fueled by love.

“It still hurts. I am not recovering from it, and it’s not because of anybody else; it’s because of us. I saw some of my scenes, and I was just telling Vicky yesterday that you know we have fun and we say things like, ‘I will hit you’ in jest.”

“But on TV, it looked so exaggerated. Now when I see it, it impacts me so much that I do not like it because we talk to each other as friends, so it feels okay. But it’s come with such force on TV that it’s traumatic, it’s not healthy to watch, and it’s not nice to watch. Whatever we did, we did it ourselves; no one else was there; we were fighting there, but somewhere there’s a lot of love in that fight too,” Ankita continued.

Ankita speaks about her absence from Abhishek’s party

Ankita also addressed her absence from the recent party hosted by Bigg Boss 17 runner-up Abhishek Kumar, citing health issues and anxiety. She admitted to not feeling well and explained that the anxiety stemming from her Bigg Boss experience had prompted her to take a step back and focus on recovery. Ankita stressed the importance of finding balance in her life amidst these challenges.

“I was feeling unwell. I’m not keeping well; you can hear my voice. I had some anxiety issues, so I’m trying to recover a bit from that, keeping a bit away from these things. I’m just trying to balance things, she said.

In the grand finale, Ankita secured the third runner-up position, with Munawar Faruqui ultimately winning the trophy. Despite her absence from Abhishek Kumar‘s celebration, Ankita, along with other contestants, attended the success bash of the show, marking the end of their Bigg Boss journey. As Ankita navigates the aftermath of the intense reality show, she remains candid about her struggles and the need for self-care in the face of public scrutiny.

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