International Football Association Board introduces blue card in Football



The International Football Association Board (IFAB) has decided to introduce a new ‘Blue card’ in Football in the upcoming days. The move comes almost 54 years after the introduction of red and yellow cards. The reports claim that they will be in effect very soon. For the first time since 1970, a new card has been introduced in the sport which has its significance. 

The Blue card in Football will be handed to those who vanish from the pitch for ten minutes and return after the duration. It is also set to be reserved for some kinds of offences. The reports claim that they will be used for cynical fouls or dissent that aim towards blocking a promising attack without posing a threat to the players from the opposition.  

It is also suggested that a player bagging two blue cards, or a yellow card and a blue card will result in bagging a red card. The rule is created as the current set of rules has a red card being issued for attaining two yellow cards. As there could be a need for refining, the top-tier competitions are being excluded from the rule.  

New card to be introduced under Sin-bin protocols

In the upcoming summer, the elite trials will witness the implementation of the rule. A Blue card is a higher warning than a Yellow card. But it does not have a higher impact on a player than the red card. It could potentially lead the players to get a red card. The Football Association of Wales was set to introduce the card in their domestic leagues. 

As a part of sin-ban protocols, the new card will be announced by the International Football Association Board (IFAB) on Monday. Sin-Bin have been able to get rid of dissents over the years at the domestic level. The latest trials might also witness the introduction of punishment for committing tactical fouls. The on-field referees will have the right to declare the player out of the pitch for ten minutes with the new rule.

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