WATCH: Urvashi Rautela talks about how her phone got stolen during India vs Pakistan World Cup match



India registered a convincing victory over Pakistan in the World Cup tournament on October 14. While all fans were celebrating the win, actress Urvashi Rautela found herself dealing with a personal loss that overshadowed the joyous occasion. The Bollywood diva took to social media to share the unfortunate news that she had lost her 24-carat gold iPhone during the match festivities at Narendra Modi Stadium in Ahmedabad.

More than a month has passed since the incident, but it appears that Urvashi is still grappling with the loss. In a recent video posted on her Instagram account, the actress expressed her dismay over the stolen phone, revealing that it occurred even in the presence of her bodyguards. 

“So basically, it was an India vs Pakistan World Cup match at the Narendra Modi Stadium in Ahmedabad. So, when we were going, there were a lot of people, obviously it was a World Cup match. Many foreign audience was also present there. From all over Pakistan and India came to cheer up their teams. The phone was with my bodyguard and as soon as we entered, it got stolen.” Urvashi said in the video.

Fans mocked Urvashi for crying over her lost phone

However, the response from some fans in the comment section took an unexpected turn, as they seemingly made light of Urvashi’s predicament. Mocking her, they suggested that as a wealthy individual, she could easily afford to replace the lost phone. This response highlights the complex relationship between celebrities and public perception, where genuine misfortunes are sometimes met with dismissive comments.

It is essential to recognize that personal losses, regardless of one’s financial status, can be emotionally challenging. Urvashi’s attachment to her 24-carat gold iPhone may extend beyond its monetary value, involving sentimental or personal significance. As Urvashi continues to cope with the aftermath of the incident, one can hope that the discourse surrounding her experience shifts towards understanding and support, acknowledging that material wealth does not shield individuals from the emotional impact of losing something meaningful.

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