WATCH: Cristiano Ronaldo awestruck with Undertaker’s presence in final of Riyadh Season Cup



The Football world was shocked to see Undertaker’s cameo appearance in the final of the Riyadh Super Cup 2024. The former WWE Superstar was in the arena to hand over the trophy to the winning team. Cristiano Ronaldo, who was in the final as a player, had a smile after seeing Undertaker in the stadium. It was one of the best moments of the year so far. 

Undertaker is the ring name of Mark William Callaway, who is regarded as the greatest WWE Superstar of All Time. Before the match between Al Nassr and Al Hilal, Undertaker made a grand entrance in the stadium featuring himself in the theme song. The stadium turned into a WWE arena as the fans were awestruck by the presence of the legendary wrestler. 

Watch the video of The Undertaker’s presence in the arena here:

A big moon was recreated alongside the theme song of the Deadman. After the match, the Undertaker was asked to hand over the trophy to the winning side. That was when Cristiano had a smile at the Undertaker. While the night was not the perfect one for the 39-year-old, the Phenom’s presence in the arena more than compensated for him. The video of the same has gone viral on the internet. 

Al Hilal beat Al Nassr to win the final of Riyadh Cup 2024

Al Nassr lost the final to Al Hilal in a one-sided rubber. Ronaldo’s team went down 0-2 against Al Hilal in the big match. Sergej Milinkovic-Savic and Salem Al-Dawasari scored goals for Al Hilal in the first half of the match. Al Hilal managed to maintain the lead throughout the game to seal it for themselves. After the match, the Undertaker handed over the trophy to Al Hilal. 

Ronaldo has been phenomenal as a player for Al Nassr in the Saudi League. In 18 matches in the league, Ronaldo scored a whopping 20 goals for his side. The star player was also useful by being a part of nine assists. Ronaldo ended the year 2023 as the top goal scorer in the world. The Portugal star had a whopping 54 goals to name in the last year. 

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