WATCH: Ayushman Khurana uniquely participates in ‘Moye Moye’ trend



Ayushmann Khurrana is an incredibly talented person in Bollywood. The star performer is a great actor and has made a name for himself in the same field. Over the years, Khurrana the actor has taken the centerstage in his career. Even otherwise, the star actor is known for his other skills like orating, writing poems, singing songs, and so many other features, which have come naturally to him.

Recently, Khurrana was in a live show to perform as a singer. It is one of the hobbies of Khurrana to perform every now and then. Khurrana was in Delhi to perform a live show. In the event, Ayushmann was seen singing the song ‘Bari Barsi’. The energetic performance of Khurrana was lauded by the fans, who were entertained thoroughly. It was a great performance till that point.

Just when the fans were about to be distracted in the show, Khurrana suddenly surprised everyone by transitioning from the song to singing ‘Moye Moye’, which left the fans in awe. As soon as Khurrana sang the song, the crowd went mad. The video went viral on the internet. Many claimed that Khurrana performed extremely well on the stage. Many others praised his energy.

‘Trend banane ke liye nahi, gaana gaane ke liye aaye hain yaha pe’ – Ayushmann Khurrana

As Khurrana ended his singing, he hilariously claimed that he came there to sing, not to jump on the trend. Khurrana had the fans at that point. “Trend banane ke liye nahi, gaana gaane ke liye aaye hain yaha pe,” said Khurrana. The star actor is said to be starring in the biopic of Sourav Ganguly. Although Khurrana has kept the fans wondering about the same, he has not denied the claims of him playing Ganguly’s role.

‘Moye Moye’ has been a popular trend on social media after the ‘So beautiful, So elegant, just looking like a wow’ trend. Many stars have jumped upon the trend like Shraddha Kapoor and others. Ayushmann had an interesting take on the trend. The star actor was last seen in ‘Dream Girl 2’. Fans are eagerly waiting for his upcoming ventures.

Watch the video of Ayushmann singing here 


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