WATCH: Anant Ambani leaves Mukesh Ambani teary eyed with his kind words to father



Anant Ambani left his father emotional during the speech at his wedding. The huge event of Anant’s wedding Radhika Merchant has all the attention of the world. Some of the biggest personalities have been invited to attend the event. It includes different fields like Business, Sports, Cinema, Politics, and so on. All of them have come to wish the couple a good future.

The wedding kick-started with a great performance from Rihanna. Following the event, there were some special programs which were followed by a speech from Anant. The groom spoke about the wedding and claimed that it would change his life. He then revealed how his life has meaning only due to his parents and family. Anant’s speech was cheered by the guests in the arena.

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The son of Mukesh felt happy about the wedding arrangements. He claimed that the family had done everything they could to make him special. Anant added that his life has been filled with struggles and claimed to have experienced the pain of thorns. “My family has gone all out to make me feel special. My life has not entirely been a bed of roses. I have experienced the pain of thorns,” said Anant.

‘I have faced many health issues since childhood’ – Anant Ambani

Anant went on to add that he faced many issues regarding his health since his childhood days. He added that the duo of Mukesh and Nita Ambani have not let him suffer a bit in life. Anant claimed that his parents were always by his side and helped him in tough times. The words of Anant seemed to touch the hearts of his parents. Mukesh and Nita Ambani got highly emotional with his speech.

In fact, Mukesh got teary-eyed and cried a lot hearing the speech of his son. “I have faced many health issues since childhood, but my father and mother have never let me feel that I have suffered. They have always stood by me,” Anant added in his statement. The fans and netizens claimed it to be an emotional moment.

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